Lucrezia Iapichino

Lucrezia Iapichino on Top 3 Legal Mistakes Businesses Make in Their First Few Years of Business – Episode 134

Join me on the podcast today with Lucrezia Iapichino where we’ll go through the top 3 legal mistakes businesses make in their first few years of business

Money Mindset

Denise Duffield-Thomas – Money Mindset – It’s Safe for Me to Make A Lot of Money – Episode 133

Money mindset is what I’m talking about today on the podcast with my good friend Denise Duffueld-Thomas – listen now.

Marketing Tips for Small Business

Marketing Tips For Small Business That Will Save You Time

For most small business owners, time is always running out. No matter what we do there doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day

Choosing Your Word of the Year

Choosing Your Word of the Year – Episode 132

Join me on the podcast today where we’ll help you in choosing your world of the year.

How To Get More Business Clients

How To Get More Business Clients

If there’s one question I’m asked over and over again, it’s how to get clients. Whether you’re wondering how to get high net worth clients,

What is slow living

What is Slow Living and Why You Need This? – Episode 131

What is slow living? On todays podcast episode I’ll be speaking about what is slow living and why you need this to improve our live.

Melissa Burkheimer

Melissa Burkheimer on 3 Conversion Design Mistakes to Avoid When Designing Your Sales Page – Episode 130

Melissa Burkheimer join me on the podcast today to talk about 3 conversion design mistakes to avoid when designing your sales page. It’s going to be epic.

Angela Henderson

Angela Henderson on Creating Your Upgrade Plan – Episode 129

Angela Henderson aka me will be sharing with you the importance of creating your upgrade plan to a fuller life.

Keisha Frazier

Keisha Frazier on 5 Main Mindset Shifts That Can Blow Up Your Business – Episode 128

Keisha Frazier is coming on the podcast today to talk all things mindset- something so important for the growth of the business.

Tracy Verdugo

Tracy Verdugo on Creating a $27 Offer and Making $718,869.20 in Less Than 4 Months – Episode 127

Tracy Verdugo shares with us how she created a $27 offer and turned it into $718,000 + in revenue in less tha four months.