Are you lacking control in your
business & family life?

Running a business means wearing many hats. Add running a house and that hat rack fills up quickly…
teacher, chef, cleaner…

No wonder you’re frustrated, confused, and utterly tired. It’s not how you pictured business to be. It’s not why you went into business in the first place.

We all want more time in the day, but good news is that the freedom you went into business for in the beginning can be achieved. You just need a little extra boost along the way, which is what my small business consulting service is all about.

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You don’t know the online business world

Yes, it’s a new world with new sets of ‘rules’, but it’s okay, you can learn them. I can give you the practical and theoretical advice, that I’ve learned building Finlee & Me into a successful business. I’ve been where you are… with coaching & mentoring you can be where I am now.

You’re a go-getter, but need direction

You know what you want but you need help getting there. Let’s start by working backwards from your end goal and look at the different systems, processes and mechanisms you need, and get you there one step at a time. We’ll break it down during your small business coaching sessions.

Business stops when you’re not there

You’ve become the business. There seems to always be a sacrifice between your business & family. You feel like you’re constantly juggling both, but you want to be there for your family. It doesn’t have to be one or the other. With my coaching and mentoring sessions I’ll show you how.

You’re on the brink of burnout

You’re answering customer calls and emails when it should be bed time? You’re skipping meals? You’re working around the clock just to manage, but it’s taking its toll on your mind and body. Let's get you back into a healthy state of mind.

You’ve lost the love for your business

Are you at a point where you’re questioning your ‘why’? While some things change, you need to keep your passion and drive high to succeed. I fell back in love with my business… I’ll show you how you can too.

Your business to-do list never gets done

You’re busy, but not productive. To-do lists never getting done? Restart with a ‘business blueprint’. In my small business consulting sessions I'll help you decide what needs to be prioritised to reach your goals. Then I'll keep you accountable to ensure you achieve them.

We Will Work Together To Solve These Challenges One Step At A Time

Who Am I, And What Makes Me Qualified To Help You Grow & Manage your business?

I am an author, entrepreneur, small business consultant, speaker, blogger, mental health clinician of 15 + years, but most importantly I’m a mother to Finlee and Chloe.

I started my first business from scratch, while working full time and raising Finlee and Chloe. I’ve been through all the challenges you’re facing now; the stress, insecurity, lack of time and the whole constant balancing act.

The key is overcoming our inner challenges and roadblocks to improve our external results. It was my journey building Finlee & Me that fuelled my desire to help others like you avoid the pitfalls, rise above the challenges and get your business and family life on track. My small business coaching is designed just for you.

What's The Small Business Consulting Process Look Like



The Who & Why

We'll start building rapport together as I get to know your business, its challenges, your target customers, your vision and the lifestyle you want to create.



The What

We'll explore the right strategies and tactics that will help grow and manage your business (website, SEO, copy, sales funnels, email marketing and more) by creating your short, medium & long term goals.



The How

I’ll help you prioritise & implement the important tasks necessary to reach your goals. I’ll keep you accountable to make sure you stay on top of your priority tasks & guide you to ensure you do it right the first time around.

Where Should You Start?

Free Discovery Call

Free Discovery Call

We’ll identify what’s holding you back from moving forward in your business & dig into what's causing these problems.

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Clarity Call

Clarity Call

I’ll work with you to help you master your mindset, so you can focus better, be more confident, and be fearless.

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All Day Intensive

All Day Intensive

Get clarity, develop new ideas and accelerate growth with an intensive workshop. Best of all, we can achieve this in just one day.

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1on1 Business Consulting

1on1 Business Consulting

I’ll look at your business from a bird’s eye view to see all the moving parts, and help you prioritise and work on them month to month.

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