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The right keynote speaker will make or break your event. You need a captivating, credible and enthusiastic speaker who connects with your audience and motivates them to take action.

That speaker is Angela Henderson

Angela is an author, entrepreneur, podcaster, small business consultant, speaker, blogger and mental health clinician for over 15 years. As a keynote speaker for your next event, Angela taps into her decade’s worth of knowledge growing a thriving business with her online store Finlee and Me.

Now as a business consultant Angela helps small business owners navigate the challenges of building a successful business while maintaining a life. She knows what it truly takes to have a strong brand, consistent sales and steady growth. She speaks on a range of topics including human to human marketing, gaining visibility for your business, growing through social media and challenger marketing.

Angela is fast becoming a much-requested female business speaker both here in Australia and around the world. If you have an event coming up that needs a speaker that creates a lasting impression, connect with Angela today.

Let’s make your next conference, workshop or function a stand out performance.

Create a Lasting Correction

Before becoming a leading keynote speaker, I was an attendee at many conferences. Back then, meeting and networking with other people became a major part of growing the online store I ran at the time.

What I saw at some of the events was that it was often difficult for conference attendees to feel they had the time to build a connection with the main speaker. They were just there for the small window of time that they were on stage.

When it comes to choosing me for your keynote speaker, I walk the talk when it comes to building human to human connections.

Where possible, I will stay for your entire event giving your attendees a chance to chat to me before or after my presentation.

Speaker Reel

These are just some of Angela's highlights from past speaking engagements.

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Keynote Business Presentations

By Angela Henderson

The Seven Profit Pillars for a Sustainable and Profitable Business +
With so many small business owners chasing sparkly squirrel, obsessing over their Instagram follower count and forgetting the important foundational elements of good business, it’s no wonder why 90% of them fail in the first five years. In this session, Angela will share the Seven Profit Pillars all businesses need in order to grow a Sustainable and Profitable business. It's these core Seven Profit Pillars that have been key with her building not one, but two successful businesses over the last decade.
How to Use Challenges to Grow Your Email List and Make More Sales +
All businesses want to increase sales and get more clients and challenges is exactly the method that Angela has used to increase her email list, gain credibility but equally increase her profitability for both her businesses. In this session, Angela will share the framework she uses to create a 3/5/7/10 Day Challenge for both an ecommerce & service based business, explain what is a challenge, the key benefits of creating a challenge and she'll also show you the exact steps you need to take in order to get your challenge set up.
3 Ways to Gain Visibility and Reach in Order to Increase Your Sales +
In the world where businesses are competing in a noisy and overcrowded market space; it's imperative for businesses to gain the visibility and reach they need in order to increase sales. However, more often then not, it's difficult for businesses to know where to start and how to make this happen. In this session, Angela will share 3 key strategies that businesses can implement right away to their own business strategy in order gain visibility, reach and sales.
The Lost Art of Human to Human (H2H) Marketing +
Technology is making it easier than ever to contact people. However, the human touch is as essential as ever, if not more so, to marketing. In this session, Angela discusses this often-overlooked element of business in a refreshing way and guides businesses to truly understanding what is human to human marketing, why every business needs human to human marketing as part of their business strategy and she gives practical strategies that businesses can start to implement in their own business so they can bring back connectiveness with their customers.
Tailored Keynotes - Let's Chat +
I love creating new and exciting keynotes, so if you're looking for something different please feel free to connect and we can craft together a keynote that will leave your attendees refreshed with new and exciting ideas to help them grow their business.

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