Want to find the freedom you went into business for in the beginning?

Angela Henderson is a small business coach for Sydney businesses

Are you overwhelmed with the many hats you have to wear on daily basis to run a business and a household?

Need someone who is on your side and has been there too?

I can help.

Having been an author, entrepreneur, blogger, mental health clinician (15+ years’ experience with a Master of Social Work degree) and mother for over 7 years I know the challenges and overwhelm of running your own business.

As a small business consultant, I help Sydney based start-ups, small business owners and entrepreneurs to get their business running successfully.

A Small Business Coach for Sydney business owners who want to love their business again

I’m not a small business coach or mentor who took a 6-week course and started a Sydney coaching and mentoring business. Instead, I bring real, lived experience of running my own online baby and kids shop Finlee and Me. The store has over 1400 products for sale and a popular blog which saw me being awarded as a top 25 blogger/influencer in Australia as well as one of Netflix’s top 30 Australian bloggers.

Whatever challenge you’ve faced as a business owner, I’ve more than likely been there, done that.

Through my own success as an entrepreneur, I’ve learned that it is possible to have a successful business and maintain a happy family life.

That doesn’t mean that a business doesn’t take work. Because it really and truly does. But it doesn’t need to be as hard as it is right now to have an incredibly successful business.

I can help your Sydney business if…

  • You don’t know the online business world
  • You’re a go-getter, but need direction
  • Business stops when you’re not there
  • You’re on the brink of burnout
  • You’ve lost the love for your business
  • Your business to-do list never gets done

If you are ready to get your life back and grow a profitable business I’m the small business consultant that can help.

Book a free 30-minute discovery call where we’ll identify what’s holding you back from moving forward in your business and nut out solutions.

Book your Small Business discovery call with Angela Henderson

My Mission

My mission is to support 2,000 additional women in small business from Sydney and the rest of Australia by 2025. I will give them access to the tools, resources, community and coaching they need to build thriving, successful and sustainable businesses.

My Values

Angela Henderson's Authenticity


II will always give you honest and constructive advice. Trust and transparency are key components to a healthy working relationship.

Angela Henderson's Empowerment


I will help you embrace your business and take control so you can own your success. My goal is to get you to the point so you no longer need my help.

Fun in business coaching


I take my work very seriously but I also believe in enjoying the journey. It’s easier to focus on the hard work when you’re having fun in the process.

Angela Henderson's small business community


The truth is, we’re more powerful together. That’s why I have built a network of connections to bring people together and introduce you to people that will help you reach your goals.

Angela Henderson gets business results


Working with me is about getting real results that you can see. Our journey together will create genuine results… not something soft and fluffy.

Angela Henderson gets business growth


I want to help you take your business to the next level, no matter where you are at. We will do this in a way where you can sustain your business growth and your life.

Small Business Success Model

In the last decade I have built 2 successful and profitable businesses. The journey I have been on while creating my businesses has helped me fine-tune the key ingredients required for business success. I have turned these key ingredients into a repeatable business model that I use with my own coaching clients to help them grow sustainable, thriving businesses. Here is my business success model:

Angela Henderson's Small Business success model

Benefits of working with me

I get asked by small business owners often, what benefits you can expect to see when you work with me. I’ve surveyed my past and current coaching clients to find out what they feel are the main benefits that they’ve found.

Here’s the 6 most common benefits they’ve responded with:

Benefits of working with Angela Henderson on business coaching


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Do you currently have a business or are just starting out and feel like you have no idea what to do? You feel overwhelmed with what there is to do for your business, but are determined to figure it out and get it done? You know you need strategic direction and a plan moving forward but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, I’m here to help.

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