Are you feeling overwhelmed in your business and family life?

								Angela Henderson is a small business coach in Brisbane

Small business consulting to fast track the next level version of you and your biz

As a small business owner, our work is often an extension of us. So in order to uplevel your business, you’re going to need to work toward creating the next level version of you too.

Small business consulting with an award-winning online business coach can ensure you transform into the CEO your booming business will need.

I know for me, there were many times that I was too close to my business to see both the gaps and my unique value. And I know this happens to a lot of women in business, simply because we try and do it all ourselves.

In my 1 on 1 business coaching sessions, I’ll look at your business objectively, from a bird’s eye view to see all the moving parts. With the goal to set you up for consistent 5 figure months and on to 6 and 7 figure years – without burning out in the process.

My 1 on 1 small business consulting support allows you to get the strategy, accountability and support you need to grow and scale your business.

Why invest in 1 on 1 business coaching?

One of the biggest challenges for business owners is the lack of support. You make all the decisions, which isn’t always as good as it sounds. I certainly have struggled with choice paralysis. The one thing that helped me was having someone to hold me accountable.

If you constantly feel like you’re working ‘in’ your business and not ‘on’ it, I’m ready to help. Regardless of what stage of business you are at, and whether you have a physical store, ecommerce store or are a service based business owner, having someone as a sounding board and an accountability buddy can make all the difference.

To move to 5 figure months will require different things than moving into 7 figure years. As I’ve worked with women in business of all shapes and sizes I’m confident in being able to give you the tools, guidance and resources you need to grow sustainable and profitable businesses. So you can move your business forward with ease.

An online business coach who’s been where you are

I’m pumped you’re ready to invest in the growth of your business and build your dreams.

Over the last ten years I’ve built and scaled not one, but two multiple 6-figure businesses from the ground. I personally understand not only how difficult it is to get started growing a sustainable and profitable business but also juggling motherhood and everything in between.

My one-on-one small business consulting package that runs for six months. I’ve found it gives us the perfect amount of ‘runway’ to implement (and see) changes in your business. You’ll:

  • Monthly 1:1 support with me via Zoom or in person
  • Unlimited email and phone support – between our sessions
  • Access to my business vault which is filled with templates and additional trainings
  • Access to a live monthly mindset coaching session
  • Unlimited email and phone support – between our sessions
  • Participate in a live in-person or online event (depending on Covid restrictions)
  • Ability to connect with my community in order to grow your network. Your network = your net worth.

Is intensive private small business consulting for you?

I have experience consulting startups, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone with that ‘fire in their belly.’ If you’re ready to work hard, be open to advice, and truly make a difference in your life, this is for you. My elite VIP business consulting package is designed to help you:

  • Get bulletproof on your vision and goals
  • Turn your passion into real profits
  • Uncover the root stopping you from growing, physically and mentally
  • Create an actionable plan to get you unstuck and moving forward
  • Built-in accountability (and gentle nudges) to keep you on track.

Benefits of working 1 on 1 with an online business coach

										Angela Henderson's Authenticity

A fresh and authentic perspective

One of the best parts of hiring any small business consultant, is that you’ll receive a fresh perspective. Often small business owners are so close to their business that they struggle to step back and see things from an outside view.

Having an alternative perspective will help you uncover fresh possibilities. As a business coach authenticity is number one. And to tell you the truth, I can sometimes be a little too honest. But this is because I believe so much in building solid working relationships and trust and transparency are the best places to start.

										Angela Henderson's Empowerment

Strategic Direction

Women in business can often get stuck in a rut, not knowing where to focus on next or even how to start. As your small business consultant, I’ll help you to build a framework that will turn your ideas into goals.

Together we’ll then create strategies by mapping out your goals setting timelines and outlining all practical details. This will get you right on track to smashing your small business goals.

										Angela Henderson gets business growth


Most small business owners experience patches of confusion, difficulty and uncertainty. This can be experienced across every stage of business ownership.

I’ll help you to identify what these struggles and pain points are within your business. We then talk through the best ways to resolve any patches of uncertainty. It’s my job to guide and support you through any struggles. Helping you to work through any obstacles and gain clarity so you can move forward with your business.

										Angela Henderson's small business community


‘It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,’ while it sounds cliche, we’re all aware of its truth. Especially once you’ve entered the business ownership world.

In business, connections are everything, and I’m lucky to have a lot of them. When you’re working with me, if I know of anyone who can help you to achieve your goals, I will make darn sure to introduce you.

										Angela Henderson gets business results


What’s the point in hiring an online business coach if you can’t see any results? There isn’t one.

When working with me you’ll definitely see results. And not just little fluffy results either. I mean proper, trackable and business growing results.

										Angela Henderson gets business growth


It doesn’t matter where you are in your business journey, I’ll help you get to the next level. While also helping you to maintain or even reclaim your life. Yes that’s right, more time for doing the things you love with the people you love.

										Fun in business coaching


Being in business is tough and I truly get that. Which is why when you work with me, we’ll work hard and yes, it will be tough at times, but we’ll also have fun along the way. I have a cracking sense of humour and am always up for a good laugh.

										Angela Henderson gets business results


I often find that the biggest thing holding back women in business is their confidence. And it makes sense, going into business is scary especially when it’s your first time.

As your small business consultant, I’ll help take control of your business and own everything that comes your way, including your success. By the time we have finished with our sessions, you won’t even need my help anymore.


If you’re interested in one-on-one business consulting, please fill out my pre-coaching questionnaire. This helps us make the most of our sessions to fast-track results. Sign up for your complimentary 30-minute discovery session to try it on for size. You’re not in this alone.


Business Success Model

Over the last decade, I’ve built 2 successful, thriving businesses. I won’t lie, I’ve been through my share of ups and downs. I know things can get tough. But throughout my journey, I’ve worked out the key ingredients necessary to grow a successful business. I’ve turned these ingredients into a repeatable business success model. I have been using the model with my own coaching clients with great success, to help them build sustainable and profitable businesses. This is my small business success model:

								Angela Henderson's Small Business success model

Benefits of working with me

Many small business owners like yourself ask me, what benefits you can expect when you work with me. I don’t believe in making assumptions. So I survey my past and current coaching clients to find out what they get out of working with me.

Here are 6 of the key benefits that they keep coming back with.

											Angela henderson benefits of working with me


If you’re interested in one-on-one business consulting, please fill out my pre-coaching questionnaire. This helps us make the most of our sessions to fast-track results. Sign up for your complimentary 30-minute discovery session to try it on for size. You’re not in this alone.