How to Bootstrap a Startup – Episode 29

David Chambat, CEO of Villa Finder, answers these questions and shares his experience and knowledge on everything about bootstrapping a startup

Success Story: Starting a Business from Scratch to Success – Episode 28

In this episode, we talk to Andre Arriaza from Spain about his story of starting a business from scratch and achieving success.

Tips to Optimise your Email Marketing

6 Tips to Optimise Your Email Marketing Campaigns

As a business coach, one of the key things I focus on with my coaching clients is that you must not keep all your business

5 Steps for Building a Better Business – Episode 27

In this episode, Ben Fewtrell of Max My Profit shares his words on how people can build businesses that they imagine will give them more freedom and financial security.

Knowing What’s Next for Your Business is Key – Episode 26

In this episode, Tyson Franklin, author, speaker, podcaster, and creator of 365 Hour Mental & Physical Challenge, shares his expertise on being successful by knowing what’s next for your business.

Make a Successful Facebook Group

How to Make a Successful Facebook Group

Whether you love it or hate it, Facebook is one of the most effective marketing platforms for many small businesses. It’s a brilliant way to

Optimise Your Blog Posts for SEO

11 Steps to Optimise Your Blog Posts for SEO

Having a blog is a brilliant tool to help grow your business. As a business coach, this is one thing I always recommend to my

How I Manage a Business with Depression and Anxiety – Episode 25

In this important, raw and honest solo episode, we discuss a topic that should be talked about everyday but in reality, is never given too much attention.

benefits of a business retreat

9 Unexpected Benefits of a Business Retreat

I held my first ever business retreat for women in November this year and lets just say it’s been a game changer not only for

business retreat

Australia’s Leading Business Retreat for Women in Business

The number one thing that has gotten my two businesses: Finlee and Me and also Angela Henderson Consulting where they are today is because of