business mastermind group

How a Business Mastermind Group is Your Secret Weapon for Small Business Success

There are plenty of perks to working for yourself. The freedom and flexibility means that you can work anywhere and anytime, and there are no

Starting a Business & Charity as a Single Mother – Episode 21

      Kate Armstrong, the owner of Blue Water Creative, shares the story of how and why she took the leap to start her

Declutter Your Business in 9 Easy Steps – Episode 20

      Claire Barton, a Content Strategist & Business Mentor, joins us in this episode to talk about the benefits of decluttering your business

grow your business in 5 steps

5 Steps To Grow Your Business Others Forget

Often business owners of start-ups and those that have been operating for some time frequently ask: How can I increase sales? I need to increase

Business Systems 101: How to Create Systems for Business Growth – Episode 19

      Aerlie Wildy, an Online Organization Coach and Systems Strategist, joins us today to talk about creating business systems for growth and success.

From Corporate Lawyer to Successful Copywriter – Episode 18

      Whether you are in a corporate job, handling both a business and a corporate job, or you just love a good conversation,

Living a Positively Present Life – Episode 17

      In this episode, Dani DiPirro and I talk about how and what it means to live a positively present life – the

work life balance versus work life harmony

Work-Life Balance Versus Work-Life Harmony

For years, people have been striving to achieve work-life balance, avoiding burnout, but so many of us are disappointed in trying to attain that perfect

The Reality of Business and Motherhood – Episode 16

      In this episode, our conversation focuses on the reality of business and motherhood as I share my personal story and struggles with

effective communication is gold

Talk is Cheap … But Effective Communication is Gold

As a business mentor at Angela Henderson Consulting, effective communication is key to having a successful business. Effective communication is key with my potential clients,