10 ways to grow your small business with Instagram
10 Ways to grow your small business with instagram

Are you struggling to grow your business profile on Instagram? You’re not alone! Building a community on Instagram doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time to develop your strategy, analyse the data to see if it worked, adjust your strategy accordingly, rinse and repeat. While this process does take time and effort, there are things you can do in the meantime to drum up engagement and ensure you have the best strategy possible. Here are 10 ways to grow your small business with Instagram. 

10 Ways to Grow Your Small Business with Instagram

Post Deliberately

Posting without a strategy won’t get you far. Ensure that all of your posts are deliberately curated to what your audience wants to see. It’s also important that your posts each have a purpose, which can be anything from promotion to community building, and that they all align with your brand.

Post Consistently

Just as important as knowing what to post, you also need to know when to post. There will be a golden hour in the day where your users are online, and if you post consistently during this time your posts are more likely to be seen and engaged with. Find out when your perfect time slot is by analysing your data.

Call To Action

Giving your Instagram followers a place to go is what will lead to conversions. Connect them to your socials and website in your bio, direct them to your links in your captions, and add buttons to the end of your stories. Tell them where they can buy your product or work with you wherever you can.

Work on Your Captions

Instagram isn’t all about the photos. Did you know that even clicking ‘read more’ or just pausing to read a caption counts as engagement to the algorithm? This doesn’t mean you should post novels for the sake of it, but you should work on thoughtful captions that hook the reader and tell a story that ends with a call to action.

Market with Influencers

The world of marketing with influencers can be tricky, but it can also be great exposure for your business. My advice is to only work with influencers who have similar or more followers than your business does, a similar target audience to you, and similar brand values. This way they will align with your brand and drive your target audience right to you.

Explore New Posts

If all you post is single photos, it’s time to explore new ways of posting. Multiple photos in one post encourage engagement just by people scrolling through them, and videos are more likely to hold the user’s attention for longer. Instagram stories also give you an awesome opportunity to connect with more users.

Refresh Your Hashtags

Are you using the same hashtags for each post? Shake it up a bit! It’s alright to have a go-to list of hashtags that align with your brand, as long as there is some variety between posts. By refreshing your hashtags you will reach more of your target audience.

Use Ads

Instagram advertising can be intimidating, but it’s also a great tool to grow your profile. In just one year over 120 million Instagram users checked out a business profile after seeing an advertisement on Instagram. That’s a lot of traffic that could help you grow your page.

Up Your Engagement

The Instagram algorithm loves engagement, so bumping it up is one of the best ways to gain more traction. Engage your audience with questions and giveaways, reply to their comments and DMs, seek out other profiles that share your target audience and engage on their posts in a supportive way. By increasing your engagement you’re instantly more likely to be found.

Track Your Progress

One of the most important steps of these 10 ways to grow your small business with Instagram is to track your progress. Without tracking, how do you really know whether you are or aren’t growing? Track all of your data so that you know when to post, what types of posts perform best, what hashtags are working, and, most importantly, how to change your strategy for success.

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