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Women in Business

This week I am handing the blog over to Sarah Sampana, a powerhouse coach who loves helping women in business achieve their goals. Without further ado, here are Sarah’s four R’s of her mindset method and how they can help you get the results you’re after.

The 4 R’s of Mindset Method for Women in Business

I am a Mindset and Courage coach dedicated to helping women in business thrive by overcoming limiting beliefs, ditching self-sabotage behaviours and up level their mindset to grow their impact and income.  

I have spent the last 10 years working with people to work on their mindset and perspective and gain better results in their lives. For me, Mindset is made up of our thoughts, beliefs and perspective. When looking at the results we have in our business, these 3 core fundamentals make a huge impact on the actions we take and in turn, the results we achieve and that is how the 4 R’s of mindset method came to be. 

Let’s look at each one.


You will often here me say that self-awareness is a superpower! Being aware is the first step in being able to identify where you are limiting yourself and the unhelpful thoughts you are having that are a barrier to reaching your full potential, especially in business.

I see the first step of being able to shift your mindset as being able to reflect on your actions (or inaction) and how these are tied to your thoughts and beliefs. You are less likely to act in your business if you are having thoughts that support not getting results. 

EG if my core belief is that business is hard, then my thoughts (conscious or unconscious) are going to support that belief, so I would be having thoughts like ‘why bother’ ‘everyone else is better at it then me’, and you will then use those thoughts as reasons to keep you stuck in sabotaging behaviours or inaction to support the ego’s beliefs of it not working. In order to move ahead and strengthen your mindset to reach success, you will need to be super honest with yourself and reflect on where there are barriers to making progress. 

Root Cause

This is where the true power comes into play! Once we have been able to reflect on what’s going on under the surface, we must go a few layers deeper. In order to make lasting changes, we must first dig down into the root cause of the beliefs we have, as they under pin every thought we have.

Let’s take the example above of the core belief being ‘business is hard’. In order to find the root cause, we need to look back to where we feel that belief has come from and most of the time, it comes from our childhood and the core belief can look different to how we might think it will look. Be open to this process and allow yourself to see the connections.

As children, we are wired to make stories of our experiences and we are wired to make logic of things that are beyond our understanding as children. So, we might take mum yelling at us to clean our room as we are not worthy or loved, although as adults we know this is not a logical conclusion and that mum was probably stressed about something else and that’s why she yelled (and the parents out there know how frustrating it is to get kids to clean their rooms lol) but we are story making machines as children and we hold onto those stories into adulthood as core beliefs that are unhelpful to our progress in life. 

Therefore, when we can find the root cause of the beliefs, we can use our adult logic to unhook the emotions and feelings behind the belief, and reason with ourselves to change the belief. 

If we use the same example from above, that business is hard. Start to look into the past at the belief our parents held about business, or maybe it was something like, in order to make money we must ‘work hard’ therefore business is hard. Once we know where the thought has come from, the next step comes in.


We all have a lens in which we see the world AKA our perspective. We see the world through the lens of how our parents raised us (taking on their limiting beliefs), the traumas and incidents that have occurred throughout our lives, the things we have learnt, and it shifts and changes as we experience and learn new things.

That is where we find the magic, as we learn, we grow and our perspective changes. So, as we move through being reflective and exploring the root causes, we can begin to re-frame our thoughts and beliefs and, as such our perspectives change to support our new way of looking at things in our reality. 

Imagine how different you will feel when you are able to re-frame your thoughts because you have been able to unhook the attachment and emotion of a limiting core belief. 

I love examples, so let’s take the one from above and show you how this could look. So, the limiting belief was ‘business is hard’ and we dug a little deeper and found that it was attached to beliefs that your parents had about business being hard, and that in order to live a stable and secure life, then you should go to university and work in and climb the ladder of a corporate job. You can dig even further by examining the values that this comes from, such as a value of stability and security in life.  

So we have been able to get to the core belief of why you have thoughts that support ‘business is hard’ and the power it has over you can begin to fade (for some beliefs, it’s easy to let go and for others, it takes a bit more time and work) from there we can begin to look at ways in which we can re-frame the thoughts you’re having about ‘business being hard’ and begin to implement beliefs that are helpful to the success you want. For every person, this will be different based on the emotions and how deep the core belief goes.

For some beliefs, once logic has been added to where it’s come from it’s a lot easier to re-frame. Some re-frames will need a gradual move. Again, example of this is, for some a jump from ‘business is hard’ to ‘business is easy’ is too far a jump and if you can’t FEEL it then it won’t stick. 

So an incremental jump needs to happen, such as ‘I have the ability to create a business that feels easy’ then ‘I have the ability to create a successful business’ then ‘I am able to make business easy’ Being able to re-frame is a powerful tool to begin shifting your energy and create the thoughts that support your business and life, and this makes a big different in the results you achieve. The re-frame is about adding FEELING to your new thoughts and repeating them until they stick as new beliefs. 

Lastly, Results

Working on up levelling your mindset is a long game. Each time you break through a new level, there will be other beliefs or thoughts that will come up. In order to change your results, you will need to continue to work through the 3 R’s above. Allow the results to follow and when more resistance comes up, start the process again.  

That’s the one thing I love about this method, it’s a simple process to do without support, as long as your willing and able to be open, curious and call out your own BS!

I have results at the end, as that’s what we use to measure how the first 3 steps have gone. If your results aren’t changing, then we go back and begin the process again. Or on the opposite end, you’re getting amazing results, then you hit another block, then it’s time to go back through the process again to see what new belief or what new thoughts have come up as a barrier. 

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