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Make a Successful Facebook Group

How to Make a Successful Facebook Group

Whether you love it or hate it, Facebook is one of the most effective marketing platforms for many small businesses. It’s a brilliant way to

Optimise Your Blog Posts for SEO

11 Steps to Optimise Your Blog Posts for SEO

Having a blog is a brilliant tool to help grow your business. As a business coach, this is one thing I always recommend to my

benefits of a business retreat

9 Unexpected Benefits of a Business Retreat

I held my first ever business retreat for women in November this year and lets just say it’s been a game changer not only for

business retreat

Australia’s Leading Business Retreat for Women in Business

The number one thing that has gotten my two businesses: Finlee and Me and also Angela Henderson Consulting where they are today is because of

Register for GST

Should I Register for GST as a Small Business Owner?

As your small business grows, you might be wondering when you should register for GST. You know that at a certain point you will have

Online Booking System for small business

How to Automate Your Online Booking System for Small Business

As a business coach working with women in business, automating my online booking system was a major step forward in automating my business. I’m super

business mastermind group

How a Business Mastermind Group is Your Secret Weapon for Small Business Success

There are plenty of perks to working for yourself. The freedom and flexibility means that you can work anywhere and anytime, and there are no

grow your business in 5 steps

5 Steps To Grow Your Business Others Forget

Often business owners of start-ups and those that have been operating for some time frequently ask: How can I increase sales? I need to increase

work life balance versus work life harmony

Work-Life Balance Versus Work-Life Harmony

For years, people have been striving to achieve work-life balance, avoiding burnout, but so many of us are disappointed in trying to attain that perfect

effective communication is gold

Talk is Cheap … But Effective Communication is Gold

As a business mentor at Angela Henderson Consulting, effective communication is key to having a successful business. Effective communication is key with my potential clients,