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The number one problem that most business owners come to me with is a lack of leads, customers and clients. It makes sense, without customers or clients you can’t run a profitable business. The trouble is that there isn’t a fix-all customer and client generator. In order to gain clients and customers that will stay with your business, you need to work at it from multiple angles.

How to Get More Customers

The following guide gives you 50 ways to grow your business. These are a mix of long-term and short term solutions to boosting your sales with new customers and clients. Keep in mind that you don’t need to implement all of these at once, and if you try you are heading for burn out! Read through the list, take note of the options that you believe will work for your business, and work on them one at a time.

50 Ways to Grow Your Business

  1. Create your own meetup
  2. Sponsor an event
  3. Speak at local events/conferences
  4. Create a conversional website
  5. Network and then follow up post-event
  6. SEO your website/content
  7. Have an optin/lead magnet on your website
  8. Have a content upgrade at the bottom of each of your blog articles.
  9. Start a blog and share this content on your socials, in groups and in your newsletter
  10. Publish content on Medium
  11. Guest blog for other websites to build relationships about also build your SEO links
  12. Add a signature at the bottom of your emails
  13. Add a call to action at the bottom of your emails too
  14. Host a webinar
  15. Create a quiz
  16. Create a 3/5/7 day challenge
  17. Be a guest/teacher on a summit/webinar
  18. Hold a giveaway
  19. Send out a regular newsletter
  20. Join Facebook groups
  21. Create your own Facebook Group like I did: Women In Business Collaborative Facebook Group.
  22. Get on Twitter and start sharing knowledge and connecting with community
  23. Join LinkedIn groups
  24. Sign up to directories
  25. Initiate join50 Ways to Grow Your Business ventures/collaborations with peers in the same niche
  26. Launch a podcast like I did: Business and Life Conversations with Angela Henderson
  27. Create and send press releases to gain coverage of your business
  28. Be a guest on podcasts
  29. Volunteer your time like I do as a mentor for the State Government of Queensland as a Business Mentor – great way to give back but also to make great connections
  30. Create your own Youtube channel
  31. Create a Pinterest account and pin regularly
  32. Use paid ads such as: Facebook Ads/Google Ads/Linkedin Ads/Pinterest Ads
  33. Use live video on your Facebook page/Facebook Group/Instagram Page/Instagram Stories/LinkedIn etc
  34. Record videos of client testimonials/your new products/your new course and share this
  35. Create an infographic of your product/service and share it
  36. Create grants to your course or retreat like I did with my 4 day/3 night Women in Business Retreat
  37. Create an affiliate program
  38. Use Help a Reporter Out (HARO)
  39. Offer your products/services to a blogger so they can promote to their network
  40. Join a business group coaching program like my year-long group coaching program Profit Pillars as a great way to gain clarity and strategy for your business but also to build your networks so you can increase your clients/customers
  41. Set up multiple sales funnels
  42. Create a consistent content marketing strategy
  43. Hire a business consultant/coach to help you create a business strategy that will help you grow a sustainable and profitable business
  44. Join a co-working space
  45. Create a workshop
  46. Ask current clients for referrals
  47. Offer free discovery calls
  48. Write an eBook
  49. Write a book
  50. Participate in a trade fair for your industry

Remember, this is a massive list so don’t try to cross everything off at once. Take it slow by implementing the easiest tasks first. Before long you will start to notice a difference in the number of new clients and customers coming in.

Where to From Here – FREE 2.5 Hour Live Workshop

If you’d like to access my 2.5 hour live training where I go through each of these strategies click HERE to grab the training and also the pdf guide for free.

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