Do you ever feel like you’re driving your business with a blindfold on? Like you’re spinning your wheels but not getting anywhere? Or perhaps you’ve hit a plateau and can’t seem to break through to the next level? Well, let me tell you, you’re not alone.

Every business owner, from solopreneurs to those running small enterprises, hits roadblocks and challenges. It’s part of the journey. But here’s the good news: you don’t have to face them alone. Enter the superhero of the business world, the business coach. But what is a business coach, and why should you care? Stick around as we dive into these questions and more.

What is a Business Coach?

Alright, let’s get down to it. What IS a business coach?

A business coach is like your personal navigator in the world of business. They’re an experienced professional who guides you through the rough seas of business challenges, helping you chart a course towards success.

They’re part strategist, part consultant, part motivational speaker, and part trainer. They wear many hats, but their primary role is to help you improve your business performance and personal development. They’re your sounding board, your challenger, and your cheerleader, all rolled into one.

Just like a sports coach helps an athlete hone their skills and reach their full potential, a business coach does the same for you as a business owner. They don’t do the work for you. Instead, they provide guidance, insight, and strategies to help you do the work better.

In my own journey, I’ve had the privilege of working with a business coach. And let me tell you, it was a game-changer. It was like someone switched on a light in a previously dark room. Suddenly, I could see the obstacles in my path and the steps I needed to take to overcome them.

So, that’s a business coach in a nutshell. But let’s dig a bit deeper to truly understand what a business coach does and how they can transform your business.

I hope this sets the tone for our journey together. Up next, we’ll dive into what business coaching is all about, so buckle up and get ready for a deep dive!

What Does a Business Coach Do?

By now, you might be thinking, “That sounds great, but what does a business coach actually DO?” Great question!

Build Actionable Plans

A business coach helps you develop a clear, detailed, and actionable business plan. They guide you in setting realistic goals and outlining the steps to achieve them. It’s like having a roadmap to success, custom-made for your business.

Create Owner Accountability

One of the key roles of a business coach is to hold you accountable. They ensure that you’re not just dreaming big but also doing the work to make those dreams a reality. They keep you on track, follow up on your progress, and push you to meet your commitments.

Improve Communication Within Your Team

A business coach helps you develop effective communication strategies to foster a positive and productive work environment. They can help you improve your leadership communication, team collaboration, and customer interactions.

Foster Leadership Skills and Personal Development

A business coach isn’t just about improving your business; they’re about improving YOU. They help you develop your leadership skills, enhance your decision-making abilities, and grow personally and professionally.

Help You Set and Achieve Goals

A business coach assists you in setting realistic and achievable goals for your business and yourself. They then guide you through the process of working towards these goals, providing support and feedback along the way.

In essence, a business coach is there to guide you, support you, challenge you, and inspire you. They’re there to help you achieve your potential and turn your business into a success story.

What Can a Business Coach Help With?

So, you’re probably curious about what exactly a business coach can assist with? Here are some key areas:

Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses in Your Business

A business coach can provide an objective, external perspective on your business, helping you identify areas where you excel and areas that need improvement. They can spot issues that you might be too close to see and offer solutions you might not have considered.

Streamlining Processes for Increased Efficiency

Business coaches can help you analyse your current business processes and identify opportunities for improvement. They can provide strategies for optimising operations, increasing productivity, and saving time and resources.

Overcoming Specific Business Challenges

Whether you’re struggling with cash flow, customer retention, team morale, or any other business challenge, a business coach can provide guidance and solutions based on their experience and expertise.

Developing a Strong Business Strategy 

A business coach can guide you in developing a robust, forward-thinking business strategy that aligns with your vision and goals. They can help you plan for the future, anticipate potential challenges, and position your business for growth.

Enhancing Work-Life Balance

Running a business can be all-consuming. A business coach can provide strategies to help you manage your time effectively, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and prevent burnout.

Benefits you should expect from Business Coaching

So what are the tangible benefits of business coaching? Let’s shine some light on that:

Return on Investment

Hiring a business coach is not only an investment in your company’s growth, but also offers potential for substantial returns. According to a report by MetrixGlobal LLC, coaching clients receive an impressive return on investment (ROI) – approximately $7.90 for every dollar invested in hiring a qualified expert. 

Improved Business Performance

This includes increased profits, improved cash flow, better customer satisfaction, and more efficient operations.

Increased Clarity and Focus

Business coaching can help you gain a clear understanding of your business goals and the path to achieving them. It can help you focus on what’s important, reducing distractions and boosting productivity.

Improved Decision-Making Skills

With a business coach’s guidance, you can improve your ability to make informed, confident decisions, reducing uncertainty and stress.

Enhanced Business Growth and Profitability

Through strategic planning, process optimisation, and performance improvement, business coaching can lead to increased growth and profitability for your business.

Better Work-Life Balance

By helping you manage your time effectively and establish boundaries, a business coach can enhance your work-life balance, leading to improved wellbeing and satisfaction.

Confidence in Yourself & Your Business

Through coaching, you’ll rekindle your belief in yourself as a capable leader and reestablish your conviction in your business’s potential. You’ll shed self-doubt, embrace your strengths, and gain a renewed sense of optimism and determination.

As you see your plans taking shape and your business growing, your faith in your ability to succeed will solidify. This renewed self-belief can be a game-changer, fueling your motivation and driving your business forward.

Attracting and Retaining Your Ideal Clients

With a business coach’s guidance, you’ll refine your brand message, value proposition, and customer service strategies to attract more of your ideal clients. 

You’ll learn how to position your business in a way that appeals directly to the clients you most want to work with. 

Moreover, by improving your products, services, and customer interactions, you’ll turn first-time customers into repeat customers who keep coming back for more. This not only increases your customer base but also improves customer loyalty and lifetime value.

Benefits of working with Angela Henderson on business coaching

Why Hire a Business Coach?

You might still be wondering, “Why should I hire a business coach?” Well, here are some of the reasons my clients have come to me to help them achieve success in their business and life.

Your Business Isn’t Making Profit

If your business isn’t profitable or if your profits are stagnant, a business coach can help you analyse your operations and finances to identify and address the issues.

You Feel Stuck

If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or unsure of your next steps, a business coach can provide clarity and direction.

You Want to Accelerate Growth

If you want to grow your business faster, a business coach can provide strategies, tools, and support to accelerate your progress.

You Need an Objective Perspective

A business coach can provide an outside perspective on your business, helping you see things you might be missing and offering unbiased advice.

You’re Facing Challenges

If you’re facing business challenges, whether it’s cash flow issues, employee problems, or marketing hurdles, a business coach can provide solutions and guidance.

You Want to Improve Your Skills

A business coach can help you develop your leadership, decision-making, and business management skills.

You’re Not Getting Results

If you’re working hard but not seeing the results you want, a business coach can help you identify the gaps in your strategy and execution.

You’re Hesitant About Making Decisions:

If you’re often unsure or hesitant about making business decisions, a business coach can help you develop your decision-making skills and confidence.

You Don’t Have the Right Team & don’t know how to grow one

If you’re struggling with hiring, managing, or motivating your team, a business coach can provide guidance on building and leading a successful team.

Remember, a business coach is not just for businesses in trouble. Even the most successful business owners benefit from a coach’s guidance to reach new levels of success. Even Google and Apple owe much of their trillion-dollar valuations to their business coach, Bill Campbell. (CNBC)

What to Expect from Business Coaching

If you’ve never worked with a business coach before, you might be wondering what to expect. Here’s a glimpse into the journey I take my clients on:

Discovery and Assessment

Your business coach will start by getting to know you and your business. This might involve discussions, surveys, or assessments to understand your goals, challenges, strengths, and weaknesses.

Goal Setting

Together, you and your coach will set clear, measurable goals for your business and yourself. These goals will serve as the roadmap for your coaching journey.

Strategic Planning

Your coach will guide you in developing a strategic plan to achieve your goals. This plan will outline the steps you need to take, the resources you need, and the timeline for achieving your goals.

Regular Coaching Sessions

You can expect regular coaching sessions, typically once a week or once a month. These sessions are an opportunity to discuss progress, address challenges, and adjust your plan as needed.

Ongoing Support and Accountability

Your coach will provide ongoing support, encouragement, and guidance. They will also hold you accountable to your commitments, ensuring that you stay on track towards your goals.


Consider whether the coach offers a larger community of business professionals. A coach with a strong network can connect you with other individuals and resources that can support your growth. 

Also, being part of a community of other like-minded business owners & entrepreneurs who are going through similar journeys can be incredibly enriching and inspiring.

Remember, every coaching relationship is unique, and your journey will be tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

What to Look for in a Business Coach

Choosing a business coach is a big decision, and there’s a lot that separates a good business coach that will help you transform your business and personal life, from one that will take your money and leave you in the same place you started or worse off.

Here’s what to look for when making your choice. Make sure you ask them about each of these things before you give them the green light to work with them. 

Experience and Expertise

Look for a coach who has experience in business and coaching. They should have a proven track record of success in both their own business and in coaching other businesses to success. This is vital because a coach who has walked in your shoes will understand your struggles intimately. They’ve been through the trenches and have emerged victorious. Their personal experiences can provide invaluable insights and lessons, helping you avoid pitfalls and reach your goals faster.

I built my first six-figure business from the ground up while juggling a full-time job and raising my two wonderful children. I’ve navigated through the stormy seas you’re sailing right now—the stress, the self-doubt, the constant race against time, and the ever-present balancing act. I’ve stumbled along the way, learned from my mistakes, and I’m here to ensure you don’t have to go through the same.

It was the journey of building my first business that ignited a spark in me—a desire to help others, like you, overcome these hurdles and get their businesses and family lives running smoothly.

Now, with two successful six-figure businesses to my name, I’m armed with the tools, strategies, connections, and community you need to thrive. My goal is to help you build a kick-ass business that doesn’t compromise your personal life but rather complements it

Personal Fit

Your coach should be someone you feel comfortable with and trust. You’ll be sharing a lot about your business and yourself, so it’s important to have a good rapport. It will help to make sure all things are considered when coming up with strategies, tactics, and to-do lists.

I’ve always found that during our very first conversation, we instinctively know if we’re a good match. My clients often tell me they appreciate my straightforward approach—I don’t sugarcoat things, and I’m not afraid to challenge them when necessary. But at the same time, they know I’m their biggest cheerleader. My commitment to their success goes beyond just the professional.

I understand that personal life and business can’t always be neatly separated. What happens outside of work can impact our business decisions and outcomes. So, I make it a point to understand my clients holistically, respecting the interconnectedness of their personal and professional lives. This approach allows me to provide support and guidance that’s genuinely tailored to each individual client.

Approach and Methodology

Different coaches have different approaches and methodologies. Some might focus more on strategy, while others might focus more on personal development. Make sure their approach aligns with your needs and goals.

In my approach to business coaching, I embrace a truly holistic perspective. I fully recognise how tightly business and personal life are intertwined, how deeply mindset influences success. Time and again, I’ve witnessed clients shatter their personal mental barriers, and in doing so, unlock phenomenal growth in their businesses.

I understand that sometimes, our own thoughts and beliefs can hold us back, causing us to self-sabotage. That’s why part of my role as a business coach is to help you identify and overcome these mental hurdles. Together, we’ll work to break through plateaus, get unstuck, and pave the way for your business to reach new heights.

References and Testimonials

Check out their references and testimonials. Hearing from past clients can give you a sense of what it’s like to work with this coach and the results you can expect.

What a Business Coach Will Expect of You

In a coaching relationship, it’s not just about what the coach brings to the table; it’s also about your commitment and participation. Here’s what a business coach will typically expect from you:

Openness and Honesty

Your coach can only help you if they understand your situation. They’ll expect you to be open and honest about your business, your challenges, and your goals.

Commitment to the Process

Business coaching is a process that takes time. Your coach will expect you to commit to the process, be patient, and put in the necessary work.

Action and Accountability

Your coach will help you create an action plan, but it’s up to you to execute it. They’ll expect you to take action and be accountable for your progress.

Willingness to Learn and Change

To grow and improve, you need to be willing to learn new things and make changes. Your coach will expect you to have an open mind and a willingness to change.

Feedback and Communication

Good communication is key to a successful coaching relationship. Your coach will expect you to provide feedback and communicate regularly about your progress and challenges.

Remember, a coach is there to guide and support you, but your success ultimately depends on your efforts.

So, how long does business coaching take? 

Well, the answer depends on many factors, including your goals, your current situation, and how quickly you can implement changes.

But as a general rule of thumb, you should be prepared for a commitment of at least six months to a year. This is because real change takes time. It takes time to identify challenges and opportunities, create a plan, implement changes, and see results.

You might see some quick wins early on, but for significant, lasting change, be prepared to invest time into the process. Remember, it’s not a sprint; it’s a marathon.

Taking the Next Step

Now that you’ve gained a deeper understanding of what a business coach is and how they can help you unleash your business potential, you might be wondering, “What’s the next step?”

The next step is to start exploring your options. Look for business coaches who specialise in your industry or the areas you need help with. Remember the questions we discussed earlier to ask potential coaches. Reach out to a few and schedule initial consultations to see who might be the right fit.

When you’re considering your options, remember if you choose wisely, this isn’t an expense—it’s an investment in yourself and your business. 

The right business coach can provide an excellent return on that investment by helping you reach your business goals faster and more effectively. 

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