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Small Business Grants

How to Get Small Business Grants

Grant Myth 1: Only charities and community organisations can get grants. This is not true! Although there are more grants around for not-for-profits, there is

Hire a Virtual Assistant

How to Hire the Right Virtual Assistant for your Business

Hiring a virtual assistant is an exciting step for any business owner or entrepreneur.  It is a great way to scale your business so that

Client Testimonials

Need rave reviews? Here’s how to attract client testimonials that’ll help (and not harm) sales.

There I was, in my full leisurewear-clad glory, headphones in, strolling along on my treadmill, when the podcast host I was listening to said something

Facebook Marketing

5 Organic Facebook Marketing Tips

Questions often heard! Is facebook only a social media platform, or can Facebook be used for business marketing? And, do you need to be paying


Asana and I are BFF’s!

Now you are talking to a gurl who loves to have policies, procedures and lists for everything.  In saying that I still have 2 hard

Mindset Shifts For Business

5 Mindset Shifts For Growing A Successful Business

Do you feel as if you have tried everything to improve your business and with no results to show for it? Chances are it’s your

Outsourcing in Your Business

10 Steps for Successfully Outsourcing In Your Business

When it comes to outsourcing in your business one thing’s for sure, every expert and online course agrees that outsourcing is one of the keys

what does a business coach do

5 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Business Coach

When trying to grow your business, hiring a business coach can provide you with the tools you need for success. A good business coach can

Build An Email List

8 Ways to Build an Email List Quickly and Efficiently

Since starting my first business Finlee and Me and now my second business Angela Henderson Consulting, in my opinion, every business owner needs to build

email marketing service for small business

The Best Email Marketing Service for Small Business

When it comes to email marketing it can be overwhelming knowing which service is best for you. With so many different options on the market,