Benefits of a Social Media Detox
Benefits of a social media detox

In my opinion, social media is one of the best things ever created. It helps me reach my target audience, connect with my family and friends overseas, and gives me endless inspiration from people I would otherwise never have known about. Just like with all good things, however, you can definitely have to much. If you find yourself online every day, taking a break from social media might be a good idea for you. Put down the phone and take advantage of the benefits of a social media detox.

The Best Benefits of a Social Media Detox

Spark Your Creativity

One of the greatest benefits of a social media detox is that it sparks your creativity. Scrolling through social media can result in an overwhelm of information. You see everyone else’s amazing achievements and, as a result, are creatively tapped out. By putting the phone away you will give yourself time to breathe, think, and let your mind wander. Do this and inspiration will strike, trust me.

Stop Competing

One of the biggest downsides to social media is that it inspires competition. Don’t get me wrong, being a little bit competitive can be a good thing as it drives you to achieve. The problem with feeling competitive on social media is that it’s a losing game. No matter how many inspirational quotes, pictures of your kids, or live streams you post, there will always be someone on social media whose life seems more perfect than yours. Taking a social media detox lets you step back from that toxic mindset and get through your day without the competitive edge.

Improve Your Mood

Over the years there has been a growing amount of evidence indicating a link between social media use and depression. In times of stress or sadness, I myself have been guilty of scrolling through social media and making myself feel worse. By logging off you will be leaving behind all the negative energy you spend comparing yourself to others, resulting in a positive impact on your overall mood.

Reconnect With Reality

Spending too much time on social media can lead to you living your life indoors. It may feel as if you’re participating and connecting with people and the world, but in reality, you’re staring at a screen. Don’t get me wrong, connections made online can be extremely valuable, but it’s always worth meeting face to face in the real world once in a while. Being able to go for a walk or connect with friends is a massive benefit of a social media detox.

Live In The Moment

Social media gives us the gift of being able to document every second of our lives if we want to. It gives you an interactive photo album of your biggest moments and achievements to look back on. The downside to this is that often people are so busy recording their lives, they forget to actually enjoy themselves. Instead of watching your big moments through your phone as you film them, just be there in the moment. Experience all of the joy and know that you experienced that moment to its fullest.

Enjoy More Free Time

Did you know that most adults spend an estimated 1 hour and 40 minutes on social media every day? Be honest with yourself, do you fall below or over that benchmark? By cutting out your social media time for a while you are getting back hours in the day. You can use this extra time to do more productive and fulfilling things. Whether it be professional development, playing with your kids, or just a nap, that time can completely change your day-to-day.

Sleep Better

Speaking of naps, it’s no secret that most business owners don’t get enough sleep. Taking a social media detox has been proven to dramatically help in this area. The blue light from our screens is notoriously bad for sleep. Staying away from screens before heading to bed could automatically result in more shuteye. Turning off your notifications also ensures that you won’t be disrupted by an enticing new message that comes in as you begin to doze off.

If you have found yourself in a rut, these seven benefits of a social media detox could be the perfect way to pull you out of it. Whether you choose to go offline for just a few hours, days, or a whole month, pay attention to the way it affects your life so that you can monitor your wellbeing in the future.

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  1. Love this topic! This is exactly what everyone needs right now. Social media detox is a great way to approach social media with a clearer mind. We can simply read a book, take a walk and enjoy our day without the stress of social media. Thank you for sharing us the benefits of taking a break from social media.

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