how to overcome imposter syndrome
how to overcome imposter syndrome

If you ever question whether you deserve your small business success, you may be suffering from imposter syndrome. This is a real thing that impacts the growth and confidence of many small business owners across the globe. It’s that nagging voice inside of you telling you that you’re a fraud, that you don’t know what you’re doing, that you’re unworthy of your success, and that any tiny mistake will expose you at any moment. 

If this sounds like you, I have some news for you. You deserve to be exactly where you are. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t put in the work, and your success indicates just how much you deserve everything you have. Now, while I know all of this about you, me telling you is not likely to erase your imposter syndrome. You have to overcome it yourself. Here are some actionable ways that teach you how to overcome imposter syndrome.

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome as a Small Business Owner

Open Up in a Safe Space

Imposter syndrome can keep you in the shadows, afraid of stepping out in case someone calls you out for not deserving to be where you are. One way to combat this fear is to face it head-on. Open up about imposter syndrome and how it can make you feel. You can do this in an online small business community, a mastermind, or even just among friends and family. By sharing your fear it will have less power over you. You will get positive reinforcement from those who know you best that you aren’t a total fraud. They may even reveal that they feel the same way about themselves at times too. Opening up and communicating will normalise your experience so that you don’t feel so isolated.

Celebrate Your Wins

When it comes to overcoming imposter syndrome, you need more than just external reassurance. You need to start the process of convincing yourself that you deserve your success. A great way to do this is to celebrate your wins. Take stock of every little win you have had so far in business, and remember exactly what it took for you to achieve it. It’s hard to argue that you’re unworthy when you’re faced with a slew of evidence of your hard work, dedication, and business prowess.

Set Realistic Expectations of Yourself

A common behaviour associated with imposter syndrome is perfectionism. People who suffer from imposter syndrome often burn themselves out in the pursuit of perfection. You need to set realistic expectations for yourself. Try to view your position objectively, and ask yourself what you would expect from someone else in your role. Give yourself some much needed slack. Take a holiday, step back from the business altogether, and remind yourself that you are human. You can only do so much, and your best within reason is all that your clients/customers expect from you.

Seek Out a Mentor or Coach

If you’re still struggling to accept that you deserve your success, you might need to bring in an objective authority figure. Having a mentor or hiring a small business consulting expert will give you an unbiased source of feedback. They will know your business inside and out and will be able to honestly tell you if you need to do less or more, up your skillset, or take a holiday. A good mentor or business coach for women will also teach you how you can go about these things in a healthy way. They will give you the structure and feedback you need to accept your success.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You deserve to be here. Your imposter syndrome may be holding you back from achieving truly great things in business which means it’s time to get a handle on it and lean-in to being the powerhouse business owner that I know you are. 

If you’re struggling with any mental health issue at all, please see a psychologist or talk to a councillor if you have access to one. They are worth it, I promise. 

Be kind to yourself and don’t be afraid to reach out if you’re struggling with how to overcome imposter syndrome in small business.

Where to from here

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