Coronavirus and Your Business

Complainer vs make shit happen entrepreneurs…⁣

With this thing called the Coronavirus [not sure if you’ve heard about it ?] I’m seeing two groups of businesses owners on the internet… the complainer entrepreneurs or the I’m going to make shit happen no matter entrepreneur.⁣

But here’s the thing… the coronavirus isn’t going anywhere, so as business owners we’re going to have to adapt to what’s going on.⁣

Just like we adapt when Facebook changes the rules. ⁣

Just like we adapt when Google changes the rules.⁣

And as illustrated by Jen Casey those businesses not just during this time of crisis but just in general; the ones who are successful truly exhibit the following traits…⁣

Tenacity ⁣
Patience ⁣
Vision ⁣

Also in my experience as a business consultant/coach for women in business, I see these traits on a daily basis.⁣

These traits I believe are in everyone but these traits I’ve seen activated more in those entrepreneurs that have a growth mindset vs a fixed mindset. ⁣

Remember … you have a choice everyday on what you do or don’t do.⁣

The choice is yours.⁣

Watch Now 10 Things Businesses Need to Know about Coronavirus and Your Business

As a business coach for women in business, I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me asking what do to about their business. As a result, I created this very short video, but very informative video about the 10 things business need to know about coronavirus and your business.

Click here to watch.

From one business owner to another; you’ve got this.

We’ve got this.

And remember… this too – shall pass.

To on-going success,


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