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grow your business in 5 steps

5 Steps To Grow Your Business Others Forget

Often business owners of start-ups and those that have been operating for some time frequently ask: How can I increase sales? I need to increase

work life balance versus work life harmony

Work-Life Balance Versus Work-Life Harmony

For years, people have been striving to achieve work-life balance, avoiding burnout, but so many of us are disappointed in trying to attain that perfect

effective communication is gold

Talk is Cheap … But Effective Communication is Gold

As a business mentor at Angela Henderson Consulting, effective communication is key to having a successful business. Effective communication is key with my potential clients,

how to overcome procrastination

How to Overcome Procrastination

As a business coach, so many of my clients at some stage go through procrastination. It happens, and in fact it can be a good

Instagram Hacks to Grow Your Business

Top 10 Instagram Hacks to Grow Your Business – Episode 14

      In this episode, I am joined by Christy from Plann to talk to us about the top 10 Instagram hacks to grow

Lessons learned starting an unplanned business

Lessons Learned Starting an Unplanned Business

Being a business coach I’ve worked with clients who planned their business years in advance through to people who started an unplanned business while winging it.

How and Why to Make a WordPress Website For Your Business

How (and Why) to Make a WordPress Website For Your Business

As a business coach, every single week I see business who either don’t have a website or their website doesn’t convert. So I’m super excited

a brand is more than a name and logo

A Brand is More Than a Name and a Logo

  A brand is more than a name and logo Before we can start with what branding actually is, let’s understand what branding is NOT…

getting your stress addiction under control

Getting Your Stress Addiction Under Control

In a world where the standard answer to “How are you?” is “So busy!” We are truly living and valuing stress addiction. Ever wondered why

Facebook Ad Funnel Strategy

  Facebook Ad Funnel Strategy Since changes to Facebook’s news feed have impacted on the organic reach of a lot of pages, more and more