11 Top Productivity Tools For Small Business Owners

Productivity tools business owners

Every business owner is looking for time; me included. In fact this is a conversation I have often with my business coaching clients because while it may seem impossible to find time, there are always little windows of time that you could save by automating your systems and staying organised with productivity tools for business owners.

Productivity Tools For Business Owners

Here are 11 top productivity tools that I either use, or that have been recommended to me and are making a huge difference to business owners.


Are you struggling to write all of your emails and blogs on time? Programs such as Speechnotes could be the perfect solution. This software allows you to speak directly into the program which will then convert it to text for you. This can save a lot of time, especially if you’re a better speaker than you are a writer.


If you need to explain something or train someone in your business, Loom is the answer. Instead of going back and forth with staff with unrecorded phone calls or messy emails, you can use Loom to record a video of you explaining a process while giving the viewer visual cues. Even with my clients I find the best way to communicate specific tasks is through loom with screen share.


In a time where video is so important in terms of algorithms and marketing, Lumen5 is a great way to turn your written content into a video. This is the perfect software for those of you who want to create video content but don’t have the time to learn how to edit. Just drag and drop the different effects you want and you have social media ready content.

Facebook Creator Studio

If you aren’t already using the Facebook Creator Studio for your Facebook business page, you need to get onto this ASAP. By scheduling your posts in advance you can make sure you never miss one and are reaching your audience on a regular basis. The Creator Studio also allows you to manage your Instagram account so that you can control all of your social media from one place.

Asana and Trello

If you have trouble staying on top of tasks, Asana and Trello are here to help. These scheduling tools are great to create checklists, boards for different projects, and to share all of this information with your team, assigning each member different roles.


Save time editing your work and emails by installing Grammarly. This software will do a sweep of your written content and make sure it’s perfect before you send or publish.


Need an easy way to communicate with your team? Slack allows you to create essentially a group chat that is all about business. You can even separate the different chats by topic so that your discussions about different projects are all separate and easy to find.


If you use multiple email accounts for your business and are tired of having to check each inbox separately, use Shift. It will collate all of your inboxes in one place, saving you time and effort and ensuring you don’t miss any important emails.


Nothing is more annoying than having to sift through unwanted emails. Unroll.me lets you easily unsubscribe from emails you don’t want in just one click.


Always forgetting your passwords? LastPass will remember them so that you don’t have to.

Pomodoro Timer 

As a business coach for women, one of the tools I suggest to my coaching clients to help them stay on track is using a pomodoro timer. This uses the format of 25 minutes working, 5 minutes break, which has been proven to improve focus and productivity.

While some of these tools may only save you a few minutes here and there, overall that time will add up and free you to work on more important things in your business. For more handy business tips, check out my Facebook page the Australian Business Collaborative. For more useful articles have a read through my Blog.

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