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How do you go from working in corporate to hitting your first 500k year as a business owner? In this episode, I’m speaking with Claire Seeber, a Career and Leadership Coach for women, and founder of Eating Your Cake Too. Claire shares her story of creating a side hustle and 5 years later jumping into her most successful year yet. You can expect lots of insightful tips and a peek into the ups and downs of growing her business in this conversation. So grab a glass of tea or wine and let’s dive in.

  • Claire’s corporate life, transitioning into her side hustle and moving into her 500k revenue year.
  • Her feelings when she took the leap of resigning from her corporate job.
  • The experiences and challenges she had during her transition from corporate to her own business.
  • Positive things she saw in business and life when she fully went into her business.
  • Her thoughts about making space for things that she wanted to do before and after becoming a business owner.
  • Claire’s status quo before she hired Angela as her business consultant.
  • Things that made Claire take the leap to invest in a consultant.
  • Her favourite thing about getting Ange as a business consultant.
  • The biggest change in her business that helped move her into a 500k revenue year.
  • Her advice for people who want to hire a consultant to guide them in their businesses.

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