Tracy Verdugo

Turn a $27 dollar offer to $718,000 like how Tracy Verdugo did! I’m super excited for today’s episode because Tracy, my one-on-one client, and I are going to share with you the juicy details of how we created this winning offer in less than 4 months. We get really deep in the conversation as we share exactly how much we spent on Facebook ads, the profit, the process of mapping out the offer and what a slow funnel offer is. Tracy also shares what it’s been like to work with me as a business consultant and how I helped her hit her first 7-figure year. Learn with us in this epic, real and amazing episode. 

Important Links Mentioned in the Show:

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Tracy Verdugo Instagram

Tracy Verdugo YouTube

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Profit Pillars

Women in Business Retreat 2020

Business Masterclass – The Ultimate 4-Step Framework for Creating a Sustainable and Profitable Business

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