Multiply Your Business Success Without Sacrificing Your Personal Well-Being

Leverage your current success by crafting systems that’ll propel your business to awe-inspiring heights, without sacrificing your personal life or well-being.


Are You Feeling Overwhelmed Trying to Scale Your Business Alone?

If you’re answering “YES!” to any of the questions below, I can help you scale your business, make more money, AND achieve success in all other areas of your life that go hand-in-hand!

  • Do you feel like your growth (and that of your business) has stagnated lately? And it’s frustrating you because you KNOW you’re capable of much more…
  • Are you working 8 hours a day or more just to keep the status quo? And can’t see a way to scale your business further…
  • Are you trying to balance the demands of running a business and spending quality time with your family? And it’s making you overwhelmed…
  • Are you tired of putting out fires every day? And wish you had a streamlined system that cut your workload by half…

More Profit, Less Stress

What good is being rich without happiness? Without the time to enjoy it with your family? Without meaning in your life?

I’ll show you how to scale your business without increasing your workload (cutting it, even) – so you can gain back control of your life and have a business that serves you and your family for a lifetime.

Win back your time

Time is a luxury, especially when you’re starting a business. I’ll help you eliminate unnecessary trials and errors, accelerating your journey to reach your goals. You’ll be able to do in days what would otherwise take months, keeping you productive, efficient, and focused.

Tailored growth framework

We’ll work together to craft a detailed, actionable growth strategy that leverages your business’s unique strengths. With a well-defined plan, your path to expansion becomes much clearer and more manageable, removing the need for endless work hours.

Identifying high-return activities

I’ll help you identify the activities that drive the most value for your business. By prioritising these high-impact tasks, you can fuel your business’s growth more effectively without having to burn the midnight oil.

Building a robust team

Your team is instrumental in your business’s growth. We’ll work on personalised strategies for nurturing a high-performing team that can help carry your business forward. With the right team, you can delegate effectively, ensuring business growth without overworking yourself.

Maximising your profits

One of the key things to grow without draining yourself is by boosting your profit margins. By optimising your revenue and costs, you can achieve more significant growth without straining your resources or time.

Setting up efficient processes

I’ll help you pinpoint and eliminate operational inefficiencies that are hindering your growth. Streamlined processes mean more gets done in less time, leaving you free to focus on the big picture without increasing your workload.

Everything You Need to Ensure Your Success

Action Takers Mastermind

Join Our Exclusive Growth-Driven Mastermind to Scale Your Business

A 12-month online and in-person mastermind experience designed to scale your business to 6, 7 figures and beyond without suffering any burnout (or sacrificing precious family time).

Alethea Tuitahi

Ange’s support has been amazing in the Action Takers Mastermind. It’s helped me get clear on my business, let go of things that weren’t working and focus on things that are. I’m seeing my revenue grow month on month even during a pandemic! The other ladies in the group are also a great support and it’s nice to know they have your back when things get tough or you have a down day. Highly recommend Ange and the mastermind!

Bali retreat for women in business

Michelle Miles

I loved this retreat for the connections made due to the small group size, the brilliant balance of activities but I also discovered I knew more than I thought and can’t wait to build upon this.

Exclusive, Luxury women in Business Retreat

Connect, Refocus, Learn & Grow with successful like-minded women

Join me for a soulful 4 day, 3 night exclusive women in business retreat in beautiful Bali. You’ll discover the perfect blend of strategy, relaxation & wellness.

Giving you time to relax, rest & rejuvenate.

Whilst embracing powerful & transformational tools to run a successful & thriving business & create a healthy & happy family life at the same time.

1-on-1 Coaching

Want More Intensive Support to Catapult Your Business Success?

If you’re craving a deep-dive into your business and more personalised attention, this is for you. Redefine your dreams, streamline your operations, and create a thriving business that perfectly aligns with your life – with individualised attention and a bespoke strategic roadmap.

Ilana Kosakiewicz

Angela as my business consultant helped me create a strong business strategy, increase different income streams (even with COVID and ISO), launched my podcast and was there for me when ever I needed someone to discuss an idea or problem. If you are looking for someone who has your biz interests at heart then I can’t recommend Angela’s 1:1 business consulting sessions enough.

Hey, I’m Angela Henderson!

And I’m one of those women who’ve walked the walk, and are now trying to help other women just like you!

Having a background in mental health, two thriving 6-figure businesses to my name, and a pair of wonderful kids, I’ve lived through the peaks, troughs, trials, and triumphs that you’re experiencing right now. And my advice has helped thousands of entrepreneurs through them too.


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