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First 5-Figure Month!

I’m here to guide you to your first (and next) 5-figure milestone with absolute confidence! I’ll support you with a tailored business roadmap designed to turn your passion into a flourishing online enterprise!


The ONLY Thing You Need When Starting Your Business…

It’s not paid ads, it’s not a blog, it’s not an email list… and it’s definitely NOT a podcast!

While all of those things may be important, the number ONE problem most women face when starting out is the lack of clarity…

Which makes them lose confidence in themselves, and eventually quit.

Think about it – if you knew exactly what steps you should be taking when starting your business, and had a mentor holding you by the hand until you started seeing great results each month…

Wouldn’t you feel secure, confident and at peace with your business?

Here’s What Happens When You Don’t Have a Reliable Mentor Teaching You the Ropes As You’re Starting out…

  • You keep spinning your wheels without moving forward – taking months to do what should take days…
  • You spend all the time in the wrong places, and all your marketing in the wrong places – which costs you a lot of time and money (both of which you may be short on)…
  • Feel fatigued and exhausted – and eventually quit, thinking this isn’t for you (that could not be farther from the truth)…

If any of these scenarios sound unappealing, I can help – by understanding what you want out of life and business, giving you a tailored blueprint and holding you by the hand until you find your well-deserved success!

Grow Your Business & Find Joy In Everyday Life

Your journey to business success doesn’t need to be a lonely, challenging ride. Here’s a sneak peek into what you can achieve with me as your guide:

Confidence in Your Path

 Stop second-guessing every step you take. My mentorship provides clear, concise advice to help you navigate the world of business with confidence, ultimately instilling you with the self-assuredness you need to lead your business to success.

Win back your time

Time is a luxury, especially when you’re starting a business. I’ll help you eliminate unnecessary trials and errors, accelerating your journey to reach your goals. You’ll be able to do in days what would otherwise take months, keeping you productive, efficient, and focused.

Personalised Success Blueprint

Every business owner’s journey is unique. I’ll provide you with a tailored blueprint, a roadmap built specifically for your business, taking into account your aspirations, strengths, and even the obstacles you might encounter.

Support and Encouragement

Being a business owner is an emotional journey. I’m here to provide the business know-how and the emotional support to help you through challenging times. I’ll be cheering for your triumphs and helping you learn from your setbacks.

Work-Life Harmony

Finding harmony between work and personal life can seem challenging. Which is why I’ll equip you with strategies to ensure you enjoy quality time with your loved ones without compromising your professional ambitions, fostering a fulfilling work-life harmony.

Personal Connection & Legacy

In the process of building your business, stay connected to your inner self, your family, and your larger purpose. My guidance will help you create not just a business, but a lasting legacy that impacts the world positively and fulfils your deepest aspirations.

Everything You Need to Ensure Your Success

Profit Pillar

Ready to Swap Burnout for Balance and Profits?

An intimate 6-month accelerator mastermind built for the hard working entrepreneur striving to hit 6-figures.  Helping you make more money, reach more people, and reclaim time for life’s joys. Get ready for a hands-on support system with Angela guiding you along the way.

This is not a course – this is your way to a personalised plan, community and more.


Before working with Ange I felt like I’d hit a brick wall in my business. I needed someone that not only knew marketing but also knew business. Ange is amazing with both! What I didn’t expect was Ange to be so personally committed to my success. Ange truly cares and has the experience and the business smarts to help me reach my goals.

Melissa-lee lithgow

Ange has knocked it out of the park again! Every Day Payday is the foundation every business needs whether it’s established or starting out. Well and truly worth every second, thanks Ange.

Every Day Payday

Ready to turn up the sales tap and fill your pockets?

Your ticket to a sales process that’s as predictable as it is profitable. No more guesswork, just a proven online accelerator designed for entrepreneurs ready to score more leads, more sales, and a whole lot more money.

Exclusive, Luxury women in Business Retreat

Connect, Refocus, Learn & Grow with successful like-minded women

Join me for a soulful 4 day, 3 night exclusive women in business retreat in beautiful Bali. You’ll discover the perfect blend of strategy, relaxation & wellness.

Giving you time to relax, rest & rejuvenate.

Whilst embracing powerful & transformational tools to run a successful & thriving business & create a healthy & happy family life at the same time.

Bali retreat for women in business

Michelle Miles

I loved this retreat for the connections made due to the small group size, the brilliant balance of activities but I also discovered I knew more than I thought and can’t wait to build upon this.

Ilana Kosakiewicz

Angela as my business consultant helped me create a strong business strategy, increase different income streams (even with COVID and ISO), launched my podcast and was there for me when ever I needed someone to discuss an idea or problem. If you are looking for someone who has your biz interests at heart then I can’t recommend Angela’s 1:1 business consulting sessions enough.

1-on-1 Coaching

Want More Intensive Support to Catapult Your Business Success?

If you’re craving a deep-dive into your business and more personalised attention, this is for you. Redefine your dreams, streamline your operations, and create a thriving business that perfectly aligns with your life – with individualised attention and a bespoke strategic roadmap.

Hey, I’m Angela Henderson!

And I’m one of those women who’ve walked the walk, and are now trying to help other women just like you!

Having a background in mental health, two thriving 6-figure businesses to my name, and a pair of wonderful kids, I’ve lived through the peaks, troughs, trials, and triumphs that you’re experiencing right now. And my advice has helped thousands of entrepreneurs through them too.


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In just three minutes you will uncover the exact areas holding your business back from maximum growth (is it team, systems, marketing, sales or mindset?). Plus get tailored advice to overcome the bottlenecks so you can grow your business & still find joy in every day.