Angela Henderson

Today’s episode of the Business & Life Conversations Podcast is a super duper exciting show for me because it’s my 52nd episode – and that means I’m celebrating my 1st year anniversary as a podcaster! This really gives me the chills and makes my heart happier!

To celebrate the podcast’s anniversary I’m going to talk about the growth over the last year, the lessons I’ve learned and about chasing your dreams.

To my listeners, clients, business friends, Podcast VA team, my family, my husband Dale, and my kids Finlee and Chloe – thank you for supporting me through everything. I appreciate each and every one of you. Here’s to confetti, glitter, sprinkles, Nutella, and to many other podcast episodes!

Important Links Mentioned in the Show:

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Angela Henderson Active Business Facebook Group

Angela Henderson Facebook Business Page

Angela Henderson Instagram

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