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A strong and loving partnership can positively impact a growing business. Yes, you heard it right my friend – love and business can coexist harmoniously. In this episode, I’ve invited Christine Eartheart to talk to us about how your relationships can affect your business, why having good partnerships is often overlooked in society, the basics of trauma that you need to know and how it can influence your relationships, 3 keys to better communication for better partnerships, and so many great tips and suggestions for you. If you are a business owner and are currently in a relationship, planning to get in one, or have ever been in one, this episode is for you.

Christine Eartheart

Christine Eartheart is the Founder of the Center for Thriving Relationships where she, along with her wonderful husband, helps couples transform conflict, deepen connection, and create the kind of love they have always wanted. Combining both the heart and science of relationships, they offer renowned weekend retreats, online courses, and private sessions to clients around the world. They also developed the Thriving Relationship Coach Certification program where they train others on 50+ signature and scientifically-backed tools and formulas to create powerful, repeatable, and predictable breakthroughs for couples. Christine is also host of the Thriving Relationships Show, a TEDx speaker, and an enthusiastic believer in what’s possible in love. The Center for Thriving Relationships has been featured in Psychology Today, Happify, Thrive Global, NBC, ABC, and CBS. Learn more at

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