Solaine Douglas

Often as business owners, our strategy is a one-to-one business model where we simply exchange our time for money. This was what nutritionist Solaine Douglas was doing too when she first approached me. As a degree qualified nutritionist, she thought the one-to-one business model was all there is, until her client load grew to the point that she was burned out. As someone who just started a business on her own, she felt that she was working hard but not really getting anywhere. After consuming free content, she found herself more confused because she didn’t know how they would apply to her. By getting a strategy and working with me, she found her niche, gained access to a community for growth opportunities and access to my connections.

Find out how she transformed her business from a one-to-one model to a one-to-many business model that increased her revenue by 29.2% in one quarter with me as her business consultant.

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