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In this episode, Holly Loxton joins us to discuss what it means to live with unresolved trauma and how this can be holding you back from business success. Holly helps us understand what trauma is, why we don’t always recognise it in our life, how to know if we have it, and why we need to invest in healing to resolve these issues. Holly brings her A-game to this podcast episode and you’re going to want to listen to every last second of it

  • Holly shares how she started in business and where she is now.
  • Why Holly uses the top-down and bottom-up approach in changing your belief systems and mindset.
  • Understanding the nervous system and how it impacts trauma and your ability to succeed in life and business.
  • Real-life examples of unresolved trauma – and how to know if you have it.
  • Generational trauma in the family and what it looks like.
  • Taking responsibility for your family’s trauma.
  • How you start making yourself a victim of your life.
  • The importance of alignment in business.
  • The relationship between trauma that needs healing and day-to-day drama.
  • What happens when you’re healing from trauma.
  • The benefits you may experience in life and business when you start to heal from your trauma.
  • The cost of not investing in healing.
  • One thing Holly wishes she knew when she started in business.

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