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Today is an absolutely epic episode because it’s episode 100 of the Business & Life Conversations Podcast! This is the 2nd hardest episode I’ve recorded because this made me stop and reflect on what I’ve gone through in 100 episodes, 100 weeks, 700 days, or 16,800 hours. To celebrate this milestone, 20 amazing women in business are joining me today to give their advice on one of the main questions I ask in the show: “What do you know now that you wish you knew when you first started off in business?”

Important Links Mentioned in the Show:

Lisa Corduff
Teresa Heath-Wareing
Anita Siek
Sarah Noked
Steph Taylor
Sonya Stattmann
Carla and Emma Papa
Amanda Daley
Ashley Matkovic
Suzanne Chadwick
Cath Fowler
Kirsty Fanton
Emily Osmond
Nadine Rohner
Stevie Dillion
Jody Milward
Lyndal Harris
Aoife O’Connell
Leanne Hughes
Tina Tower

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