In this episode, I talk about the need for and the benefits of a business Facebook page and group and how to add value to it. I also share my knowledge about the #1 game-changing and strategic Facebook group growth hack that’s easy and free to do.

I also give you an excellent strategy about your business email list. I invite all business owners to take action today to secure and grow your business.

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You’re listening to the ‘Business and Live Conversations’ podcast with Angela Henderson, episode number three.

Hey there, you’re listening to the ‘Business and Life Conversations’ podcast. My name is Angela Henderson and on this show we talk about improving your business, life or both by having amazing and rich conversations with brilliant guests. Who will inspire you and who will give you tips and tricks to help you grow both in life and in business.

Hey there and welcome back to another episode of ‘Business and Life Conversations’ podcast and I’m your host, Angela Henderson from Angela Henderson Consulting. And today I’m going to talk about the number one ultimate Facebook group growth hack. That’s a bit of a mouthful to say the least.

Before I share with you the ultimate Facebook group growth hack, I wanted to chat with you, real quick about the importance of having a Facebook group. Facebook is changing the playing field every single day, we have that, we’ve got heartache, we get confused, we get frustrated. But it’s not up to us to whinge and moan but rather it’s up to us to embrace the changes that they’re providing to us and make the best of it for our business.

In addition, please don’t start a Facebook group just to get numbers. Facebook groups are hard work when you first set them up and even after you’ve set them up, it’s important to be part of the community and not just dropping your promotional stuff every other day. But the benefits of having a Facebook group are great because you get a chance to build relationships, connect people with other businesses that will help them grow. You get a chance to build trust, credibility and authority and some of these guys will turn into your paid customers. And remember it’s so much better to have a small group of engaged community members than it is to have thousands upon thousands of members in a Facebook group with nobody talking, communicating and contributing. Really, crickets are just chirping away with no one there.

So, really think hard about why you have your group. Are you actually in there connecting? Are you adding value? Or again, are you just dropping promo stuff and running away? Now enough about my little rant about Facebook groups. Let’s move on to this amazing Facebook group growth hack that I want to talk to you about. Now, I’ve only just found out about this group growth hack from one of my old business consulting clients, Cathryn from the Nursery Collective and I’m so grateful she shared it with me because I can now share it with you.

So, here we go peeps. If your Facebook group is connected to your Facebook business page, did you know that you can now invite people who like your business Facebook page to join your Facebook group? Hallelujah people! This is a game changer. But you can only do this from your desktop, at this particular moment.

Some of you may be thinking this sounds overcomplicated but let me tell you it’s super simple to do. Step one, head to your Facebook business page. Step two, check that your Facebook group is connected to your Facebook business page and step three, once it’s connected simply head back to your Facebook group. Look on the far right hand side of it and it will have a spot now that says ‘people who like’ and then the name of your business page. So, for example, we’ll say people who like Angela Henderson Consulting and then you hit the invite button for every person you want to invite.

That’s it people, it’s super easy. It’s super quick and it is super free. I’ve been testing this over the last couple of days and you can only invite so many people per day but again it’s up to you and I to be smart, to put our strategy in place, to be proactive and just spend a few minutes every day inviting people from your Facebook page over into your Facebook group.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, Facebook is changing things all the time. So if I were you, I’d get on this and start testing the waters before Facebook changes it and starts charging businesses for this particular feature, because gosh knows when things will change.

I did have an interesting question in my Facebook group, the Australian Business Collaborative. One of the ladies asked, “I’m really nervous to link my Facebook group to my Facebook page in the event that Facebook shuts down my page for whatever reason. What would you recommend, Angela?” Now, I think this is a wonderful question that Lou from Cake 2 the Rescue has raised. However, this was my response, “Considering Facebook has one million data points about us at any given time, I would assume that if they were going to close down your Facebook business page that they would know enough about you, your groups, your family etcetera to potentially close everything that you have on Facebook down.”

“However, this is even more important to not to have all your eggs in one basket and what I mean by that is that you need to measures into your own hands. Don’t run your business off of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etcetera and you need to start bringing those customers, fans etcetera over on to your email list. Because you own this list, Facebook doesn’t own it, Instagram doesn’t own it. If you don’t take the preventative measures now and Facebook does close down your page or they close down your group, then I say sucked in. This is simply your own fault for not having a better business strategy, for not getting those people off those social media platforms that you don’t own and on to your Facebook list.“

So why do I say that? Take action today and start getting people over to your email list, it’s that simple people. So, what did we learn from my quick and interesting episode today? Number one, assess why you have your Facebook group. Assess how you’re adding value, are you commenting? Are you connecting with your community? And if not, I would guess your community needs the love, it needs an updated strategy and if it does, maybe you need to consider, is having a Facebook group really for you? Two, I hope you love the new Facebook group growth hack tip as much as I do. This is a game changer, the fact that it’s free there should be no excuse for you guys to continue to grow your Facebook group from your Facebook page.

And make sure that you are being, kind of recap today, number three is make sure you’re being proactive and taking people from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etcetera and getting them onto your email list, because that is the only thing you own. Now I hope you found today’s podcast useful and I’d love for you to leave a review over on iTunes for me because again, that obviously helps my podcast to continue to grow and to reach more businesses so I that I can help them.

You can also join my Facebook group community of over 3000 active members by heading to Facebook and searching for the Australian Business Collaborative. I’d love to have you as part of my community so that I can help you, answer questions but equally so that you feel part of a community and that you too can provide advice to others who need some help. Now, make sure you show up for next week’s episode because I think you’re going to love it. Have a great week for now, bye to all and I can’t wait to see you next week.

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