Get pumped for an episode packed with secrets to mastering cold sales emails and landing your dream clients! Our guest, Laura Lopuch, is a pro at helping service providers and solopreneurs send cold and pitch emails that get new clients. Her business boomed by 1400% in just four months and she landed a $20,000 client, thanks to her cold email wizardry. Impressive, right? In his episode she also shares her “relevancy method,” that’s been a game-changer landing 10K and 25K clients for her clients all with cold emails. Find out if you can apply this strategy in your business today. She’s going to spill all the beans on our podcast so get ready for some serious insights!

Guest Links:

Laura Lopuch Website

Get your pitch email templates here!



Important Links Mentioned in the Show:

Action Takers Mastermind

Australian Business Collaborative Facebook Group

Angela Henderson Website

Angela Henderson Active Business Facebook Group

Angela Henderson Facebook Business Page

Angela Henderson Consulting Instagram

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