Lack of Business Manners is Damaging Your Business & Brand


In this episode, we talk about how the lack of business manners is damaging your business & brand. We discuss and give examples of common courtesies we should practice in business, like being mindful of how you respond to businesses and showing appreciation for replies to help requests on social media.

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You’re listening to the Business and Life Conversations podcast, with Angela Henderson, episode 13.

Hey there, you’re listening to the Business and Life Conversations podcast, my name is Angela Henderson, and on this show we talk about improving your business, life or both. By having amazing and rich conversations with brilliant guests. Who will inspire you and who will give you tips and tricks, to help you grow both in life and in business.

Hey everyone, it’s another episode of the Business and Life Conversations podcast with me, Angela Henderson from Angela Henderson Consulting. Today’s episode is going to be a solo episode with just me. That’s right, the one and only me. My focus on the podcast, as many of you know who have been listening, is all about having real life conversations and today is going to be one of those days where I keep things real.

This episode is going to be short, sweet and to the point about something all businesses need to be super mindful of. And that topic, how lack of manners is damaging your business and brand. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s jump in, ladies and gentleman.

Lately, in a lot of platforms collectively, I feel like we’re missing business manners. You might be sitting there thinking like, “What are you talking about, Ange?” Let me explain.  If you reach out to say, a web developer, a graphic designer, a PR company, or an ad agency, or someone like me, a business coach, any one who has to spend time trying to get to know your needs, preparing a proposal for the scope or project, you want them to do for you. Please, please, please remember to at least let them know you have chosen someone else to go with, if they’re not the collective winner.

It’s common courtesy, people. It’s respect, it’s the right thing to do. It is called manners. So, often the process collectively from email to having to take a potential phone call, to writing the proposal etcetera, can take an hour of a business’s time. And this is part of the process, we get that. Other businesses get that. But again, please, please, please take the 30 seconds to email them back with your response.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times, over the last couple of months that I’ve heard from fellow businesses saying people just simply don’t respond. Manners people, manners! Where oh where have your manners gone?

In addition to manners, this is a reflection of your brand. Your action or inaction is a representation of your brand, so be mindful of how you do or don’t respond. Business owners talk to each other, trust me, I talk to a handful of business owners daily. You probably talk to a handful of business owners daily. Some of our number one referral pathways come from word of mouth. We talk, so if you choose not to get back to people, mark my words you are slowly damaging your brand.

But it’s not just on request for services that I’m seeing these lack of manners, it’s on Facebook posts, it’s in Facebook groups etcetera. People are asking for help in groups and a lot of people take time out of their busy day to respond, be it the person asking can even like the comment or write a simple thank you back. Again, lack of manners is collectively damaging your brand.

It is, it’s hand in hand people. For example, my name is Angela Henderson, my business name is Angela Henderson dot com dot au or Angela Henderson Consulting. So, If I’m posting in groups and I post positively then there’s not really going to be any consequences, it can only be good. But if I’m posting bad or being a troll or not responding at all, after I’ve requested help. You can be dang sure the next time I ask for help and people see my name and they reached out and helped, and they felt undervalued and unappreciative, they’re never going to help me again.

Again, lack of manners is collectively damaging your brand, people. When you choose to not do or exercise manners. So, the next time you’re asking a fellow business to take the time to provide information about their service, a proposal, a phone call or you ask for help in a Facebook group; for the love of all things watermelon, please take the five seconds to hit the reply button, or to go back in and leave a response. Regardless if you’re going to use them or not or if you just leave a simple thank you for the advice that they gave you.

Because this is much deeper than manners, this is about your business. This is about your brand and this is about your future. That’s it, people! I told you it was going to be simple, short and to the point. And that is my keeping it real conversation for the podcast today. Manners.

My team and I will also be putting together the whole transcription for this episode at and of course I cover all sorts of related business and life topics inside my business group, The Australian Business Collaborative where there are thousands of amazing businesses, where we all support each other as one big community. So please make sure to head over to Facebook and join my Facebook group, The Australian Business Collaborative.

Have an awesome day, everyone and I hope, take a few minutes and reflect on whether or not you are being proactive in using manners in your business or is your business lacking business manners? Have an awesome day, no matter where you guys are in the world. This is Angela from Angela Henderson Consulting and I look forward to having you listen in on my next episode of Business and Life Conversations podcast.

Thanks for listening to the Business and Life Conversations podcast with Angela Henderson about Lack of Business Manners.

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