Oksana Koriakova

Get ready for some serious business insights in this episode as we chat with Oksana Koriakova, a marketing guru, about the power of client gifts and promo products. From the importance of personalization to going green with your promos, she’s sharing some game-changing tips. We explore the importance of thoughtful gestures over excessive branding, insights on avoiding common pitfalls, and having a strategic approach toward promotional products. Plus, she’s giving us a sneak peek into her upcoming book! Trust me, it’s a must-listen!

Guest Links:

Oksana Koriakova LinkedIn

Impero Website

Impero Instagram

Important Links Mentioned in the Show:

Action Takers Mastermind

Australian Business Collaborative Facebook Group

Angela Henderson Website

Angela Henderson Active Business Facebook Group

Angela Henderson Facebook Business Page

Angela Henderson Consulting Instagram

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