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Let’s explore and get started with simple SEO to increase your website’s visibility and attract new leads with our guest, Michelle Pontvert, owner of Business Chic. We’ll spill the beans on SEO basics – crafting killer content, mastering keyword research, and getting Google’s attention through Search Console. We’ll also dish out tips on networking, organic posting, affiliate marketing, and the value of being on Google Maps for local businesses. And most importantly, we’ll chat about why aligning your business with your values can be the answer to your long-term success. Let’s dive in! 

Michelle Pontvert

Michelle is a Life-First business strategist & educator obsessed with helping passionate entrepreneurs with limited capacity build businesses that truly support their unique life, circumstances and goals!

She’s also co-host of the Marketing Like A Mother podcast, co-owner of Like a Mother Movement and a hands-on Mum, and life-long Aussie expat living in France.

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