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In this episode, we’re joined by Laura O’Hagan, a profit and growth consultant, and we’re diving deep into cashflow crunches and why so many of business owners find it tough to pay ourselves. We’re also talking about the challenges business owners face in managing their finances and how to spot those red flags that signal cashflow problems. But don’t fret because we’ve got some killer strategies to share with you for beefing up your cashflow and why having a solid cashflow management process can benefit your business.

About Laura O’Hagan

Laura is a Profit First Coach and Business Strategist. Using a multi-modal approach including Profit First, Business Strategic Advisory and Consulting along with mindset she works with services based business owners to get in control of their cashflow, increase their profit and grow their business aligned with their personal goals so they can pay themselves a six figure salary from their business.

Laura is a Chartered Accountant by background, a Certified Coach and a Profit First Professional and a mum of two. When she’s not behind the computer working, you’ll likely find her outside somewhere amongst the beautiful nature of the Gold Coast, Australia.

Laura O Hagan Instagram Instagram: @laurajohagan

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