Branding Mistakes

How many of you jumped to create your logo immediately after coming up with a business idea? Gotcha right there! Here’s my tip for you: Branding is more than a logo. Unfortunately, many businesses tend to bypass this most crucial step of building their business foundations first before focusing their time and energy on the visuals.

In this episode, branding expert Rachelle Saevil breaks down what you need to know about Brand Strategy. Rachelle will share with us the do’s and don’ts of branding and even answer this common question: “Is it okay to use stock imagery?” Learn the ideal process that women entrepreneurs can follow when formulating their brand strategy. And when you don’t love your branding anymore, what can you do? Lastly, get access to the unique colour palettes that you can use to create your logo and marketing materials that can truly connect with your audience.

When you truly step into your brand strategy, magic starts to happen.

Important Links Mentioned in the Show:

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