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So often women in business know exactly what they need to do to grow their business, but just don’t have the financial resources and support they need to get a head. In fact, finding small business grants for women are few and far between, but not anymore.


​Because I am offer 10 amazing women in business the opportunity to receive a grant (valued at $500 per person) for the Foundations to Business Growth – 8 Week Coaching Program.

This program is ideal for women in business who need assistance with business knowledge, tools, frameworks, connection and accountability required to grow and lead their business to success.

To apply – simply hit the apply button below and fill in simple application form.

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Hey, I’m Angela Henderson!

​​​Founder of the highly successful online store Finlee and Me, Angela taps into the decade’s worth of knowledge of how to grow a thriving enterprise and pours it into her business consulting clients. As a business consultant, she partners with start up and small businesses to grow their brands through hands on support, ensuring foundations are laid in order to leverage growth. Her skills were honed at the helm of Finlee and Me, where she learned everything from branding, PR, sales funnels, email marketing, website, copy, SEO and more. She knows what it truly takes to have a strong brand, consistence sales, steady growth and over all dedication. Angela has been featured in the media including Talking Lifestyle with Ed Phillips and David Koch, Inside Small Business and on numerous Australia and International podcasts.


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