Perth Business Mastermind


Event Date: XX/XX/23

Friday March 27th, 2020 from 10:00am -1:00pm


This Mastermind will send you home with the strategy you need to  increase your visibility/reach and will also assist in building your network in order to help you grow a sustainable and profitable business.

You’ll also get the chance to be part of a mastermind and work through some of the struggles you have in business and get solutions to move you forward.


This Event is For You, if:

  • You’re an entrepreneur or business owner.
  • You are serious about using different strategies to build your business.
  • Your business struggles to understand how to increase your visibility and reach so that you can increase sales and get more clients/customers.
  • You need help creating increasing your visibility, reach and also connections with community. 
  • You like networking with awesome people, gaining fresh insights and developing new friendships.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

  • ​​​3 key strategies to increase your visibility/reach.
  • ​​​​​​How to successfully plan, create and deliver these 3 key strategies. 
  • ​​​​How to build an engaged community to increase your leads/sales. 
  • ​​​How to ​build on-going business relationships.
  • ​That networking events are fun but also so awesome for business growth. 
Marcela Ramirez

​Director of MRPR

I’ve never received so much practical advice as I have when I met with Angela. From tools to strategies, and advice – time with Angela is priceless.

Karyn Parkinson

Director of Karyn with a Y – Hobart

​​Angela has been instrumental in helping me to grow my business. Angela has a great knowledge of business and all the components necessary to make a successful business. I would highly recommend her to any​ business owner wanting to take their business to the next level.

Hey there,

I’m Angela Henderson

(But you can call me Ange!)

I’m a business coach and your go-to guide on the journey to small business success. With a background in mental health, two successful 6-figure businesses under my belt, and two beautiful kids, I’m more than familiar with the highs, lows, challenges, and victories of this journey.

I’ve been in your shoes, navigating the choppy waters of business, feeling overwhelmed, juggling multiple roles, and yearning for support. My journey, from struggle to success, has been fueled by strategic planning, relentless resilience, and a bit of tough love.

I’m known for my straight talk and no-nonsense approach. But don’t let the tough love fool you. I genuinely care about you and your success more than any other business coach ever will. This blend of professionalism and personal empathy is what makes my coaching approach unique.

My passion for helping businesses grow goes beyond academic credentials.  It’s come from a lived experience of balancing work and family, and the relentless pursuit of success and fulfillment. With the help of investing over $750k of my own money in global business mentoring and masterminds, learning from the very best, and I’m excited to bring that wisdom to you.

With my unique business method, I aim to create intentional alignment between your business and personal life. Ready to embark on this transformative journey? Let’s do this, together




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Your Ticket Options

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Bronze Pass
  • ​Ticket to Event
  • ​Slide Deck & Worksheets
  • Entry into Facebook Group

Value = $900 AUD

$49 AUD

Silver Pass
  • ​Everything from Bronze Pass
  • ​Networking & time with Angela over lunch

Value = $900 AUD

$99 AUD

Gold Pass
  • ​Everything from Silver Pass
  • ​​1.5 hour Private Strategy Session with Angela post event (Valued at $XX)

Value = $900 AUD

$499 AUD

Fred Porter

Marketing Consultant of Agent Digital Marketing

​Having built a number of successful online businesses herself, ​Angela knew exactly what I was going through in the first year, and helped me implement strategies to overcome every hurdle! From time management to outsourcing, knowing what to go after and what to let go… I’m more focused on the things that really matter in my business and much more productive! It’s a win-win, both for my clients and for me. I highly recommended her to anyone with a small business!


Welcome to Perth, a beautiful city, where summer will certainly be in the air. 

I’ve chosen a beautiful location at:

The Boulevard Centre
99 The Boulevard
Floreat (Plenty of parking)


10:00am – 1:00pm 

More About The Location

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