Boost Your Confidence, Accomplish Every Goal & Build The Life You Believe In.

6-Figure business strategy and goal planning Workshop For Women In Business

Join us for a round table workshop with other women just like you for a face-to-face business strategy and goal planning session that breaks your future into bite-sized little bits that lead to big breakthroughs.

  • Walk away with a clear roadmap & the exact daily, weekly, monthly & yearly steps to build the business you believe in as quickly as possible.
  • Wake up with confidence knowing exactly what needs to be done every single day (and what you should just ignore!)
  • Unlock your full potential with a plan that cuts out the confusion and makes your progress easy and predictable
  • Create the shortest route between your dream and a revenue you can rave about.
“The 2-hour business strategy workshop was such good value for money and I got a lot out of it! I’m terrible at thinking of and sticking to goals but Ange made it less overwhelming and it all seems achievable now. I’m also fond of Ange’s straight-talking, no BS approach. I’m now pumped to set some goals and strive to achieve them!”
Desiree Robards


Hey there,

I’m Angela Henderson

(But you can call me Ange!)

I’ve walked this path, tackled the challenges, and I’m right here, cheering you on!

Trust me, I know the feeling…Navigating the choppy waters of business, feeling overwhelmed, juggling multiple roles of being a mother and a business owner, and wishing for sorely needed support. 

Having a background in mental health, two thriving 6-figure businesses to my name, and a pair of wonderful kids, I’ve lived through the peaks, troughs, trials, and triumphs that you’re experiencing right now. And my advice has helped thousands of entrepreneurs through them too.

While I’m known for my no-frills approach, don’t let the stern advice mislead you. My clients will tell you I care about your success more deeply than any other business coach out there. This blend of professional dedication and personal empathy is the secret sauce that makes my coaching approach stand out.

I’ve personally poured over $750k into top-notch global business mentoring and masterminds, soaking up wisdom from the very best, and I can’t wait to channel that knowledge to empower you.

With my distinct business method, I aim to craft a purposeful harmony between your business and personal life, assisting you to flourish and expand with greater ease. Ready to set sail on this transformative adventure? Let’s do this, together!




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