Join me & 20 other amazing women in business in growing your business to the next level with my Action Takers Mastermind for women ready to kick ass in 2021!
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You’ve tried a million different things. And nothing’s working.

The Women in Business Success Summit - 50 badass women ready to show you how to transform your business so you can end burnout, hit six figures (a couple of times!), and leave your mark on the world.

Yes, I Need This!

Growing a successful business isn’t as simple as Insta influencers make it look:

  • You know you need more clients but that’s where you run out of brilliant ideas
  • You’ve tried every expert hack and blog checklist you can find but you’re still barely making ends meet
  • Your days are a mishmash of disconnected tasks and scattered ideas
  • Between the early hours and late nights, you’re making less per hour than you did at your 9-5

Girl, we got you. The Women in Business Success Summit is women helping women. We know what it’s like to have big dreams and need a little (or a lot of) help getting there. We’ve got the answers you need to create the business you want.

Yes, I Need This!

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50+ business icons will walk you through their business-changing presentations from business fundamentals to niche business growth strategies.

Yes, I Need This!

The Women in Business Success Summit is specifically for you: A badass business owner who is DONE with the constant hustle. You’re ready for some big ideas and accelerated growth.

When you make the savvy move and sign up for The Summit, here’s what you’ll get:
  • The proven, step-by-step strategies you need to make your business work. Good-bye Googling “how to”s.
  • Techniques from sales experts that boost your profits without feeling pushy
  • A cache of resources so you can master new skills as your business grows
  • Access to experts in 20+ areas of business: From launch strategy, to team/systems strategy, mindset strategy
  • The blueprints you need to launch like a pro and pile on profits
  • The show-you-how strategy for evergreen funnels that make you money in your sleep. Yes, PLEASE!
  • The key to finding online support. Think of them like your online business BFFs; There when you need them to laugh at the stress or celebrate your big wins.
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Our Incredible Speaker Line Up

With more than 50 experts covering over 20 fields of expertise, The Women in Business Success Summit has the perfect masterclass for your business. Check out our catalog of speakers and start planning which classes you can’t miss.
Angela Henderson
Skyrocket Your Sales with My 3S Framework
Suzy Ashworth
How to Make a Quantum Leap in Your Business
Amber McCue
Grow + Get Everything Done Right On Time
Lisa Corduff
Why Thinking Too Much is Ruining Your Business (And What to Do Instead)
Anna Powers
The Non-Negotiable Elements of a High-Converting Sales Page
Steph Taylor
Ready & Waiting to Buy: The 5 Must-Have Types of Pre-Launch Content to Prime Your Audience
Kelsey Chapman
Instagram Growth: What's Working & What's Not
Sonya Stattman
Desire, Women & Wealth: The Keys to Creating Everything We Want
Jordan Gill
How to Streamline Your Business Without a Team
Salma Sheriff
Turn Your Website Into a Revenue Generating Machine
Keisha Frazier
Cool, Calm, CEO: How to Release Anxiety Around Your Business, Release the Death Grip on Your Results and Transform into a Grounded, Soul-Driven CEO
Nadine Rohner
The Power of Pinterest - The Social Media Tool that is Actually Not Social
Melissa Burkheimer
How to Make Sure Your Sales Page Copy Aligns with Your Design (and Actually Converts)
Maggie Giele
How the Micro-Launch Method™ Can Help You Quickly Create, Market and Sell Offers
Emma and Carla Papas
How to Manage Your Stress with Yoga, Pilates and Meditation
Anita Siek
6 Strategies to Stand Out Through Psychology + Words
Debra Kasowski
Granting Permission to Dream
Jo Bendle
How to Get Out of Your Own Way & Reach Your Next Level in 3 Simple Steps
Cordelia Gaffar
Creating Inner Joy in Chaos
Gemma Went
How to Not Only Survive but Thrive Through the Recession
Kate Cook
A Simple 5 Step System to Making Your Most Profitable, Data-Driven Marketing Moves
Topsie Vandenbosch
5 Ways that Improving Boundaries Creates More Profit In Biz
Ali Mapletoft
The Creatrix Wound
Shayla Locklear
The Art of Wealth and Words
Clary Chambers
The Future Includes Us: Three Simple Steps to a More Inclusive & Accessible Business
Kristen Mcall
Craft the Perfect Social Campaign with Storytelling
Lucrezia Iapichino
How to Grow Your Business Without Breaking the Law
Michelle Lewis
Hitting Your Visibility Goals In 90 Day Sprints
Ashley Matkovic
The Power of Networking for Business Growth
Jen Waterson
3 Steps to Profitable Revenue Growth
Cheryl Sutherland
Journal Your Way Wealthy
Emma O’Brien
Caught Up in the Impostor Trap? Then It’s Time to Break Free
Allison Hardy
How to Sell Everyday: My Proven System to Help You Create Sales Every Single Day in Your Business
Lyndal Harris
Starting a Podcast to Leverage Your Business
Jane Anderson
Top 5 Tips to Create Catalyst Content
Sarah Noked
Empowering Entrepreneurs to Grow a Thriving Business Online with Systems, Teams and Scaling
Shay Hrobsky
The 3-Steps Facebook Ads Growth Plan
Karrie Chariton-Bhurgari
Why You Should be Using Pinterest for Your Business
Tracy Verdugo
How to Turn Your Biggest Flaws Into Your Most Awesome Superpowers!
Kirsty Fanton
Make More Sales, More Easily in Your Next Launch with These 5 Psychological Triggers
Teresa Heath-Wareing
Your Complete Launch Checklist
Margy Feldhuhn and Jessica Rhodes
Leveraging Podcast Interviews to Grow To 7 Figures and Beyond
Emily Osmond
How to Supercharge Your Sales From Instagram (Even if You Have a Tiny Audience)
Jody Milward
Proof Your Business With the Same Strategy That Generated $278,089 in Sales in 7 Weeks
Lou Hammer
Clear the Clutter to Boost Your Productivity and Business Growth
Gemma Bonham-Carter
How to Sell Your Online Course Before You Even Create It
Suz Chadwick
How to Build a Bold Speaker Brand and Become the Go-To Person in Your Industry
Ngahuia Lane Galligan
The 5 Key Elements of Measurable and Profitable Business Systems
Kate Taylor
Own Your Own Stage: Stop Hiding Your Light & Become More Visible in Your Business
Pam Hird
How to Beat Business Owner Burnout
Melissa Lanz
How to Build Recurring Revenue Streams
Marisa Robinson
Instagram Small Business Coach + Digital Marketing Consultant

Why you NEED to attend the
Women in Business Success Summit

Uplevel To The Max
This isn’t some overpriced event where a never-ending stream of ‘entrepreneurs’ tell you the secret to success is buying their new course. The beauty of a virtual summit is that we can bring together business geniuses from around the globe. You’ll notice we have no keynote speakers because every one of our speakers is just as impressive as the last. That’s 50+ lifetimes of business awesomeness accessible for all women in business for $50.
Anytime, Anywhere, Any Budget
Did we mention that we want to make this summit accessible for all women in business? Why? Because it's so important that no women in business gets left behind. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to see one speaker, we’re offering you 50+ presentations for just $50. Without even leaving your house you’ll have access to a treasure trove of business knowledge for less than a fancy dinner. You will also have access to the complete bank of presentations from day one, where you can binge and re-watch every speaker like it’s your own personal business Netflix.
Because When Women Thrive, We All Thrive
It's been a big year but this doesn't mean our businesses just stop. In fact, we need to ensure women in business are thriving. When women thrive our communities thrive. Our countries thrive. When you get money into the hands of women, change happens. We can think of no better way to empower women than to run a summit made by women, for women, from all backgrounds and businesses.
To take your business to the next level,
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What to Expect at
The Women in Business Success Summit

This October, 50+ business icons will walk you through their business-changing presentations. We’re talking everything from business fundamentals to niche business growth strategies. Binge-watch all 50+ from day one or spread out your learning in stages, customising your summit based on wherever you are in business right now.
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A Note from Your Host

Hey there amazing human!

I’m super excited that you've found your way here to The Women in Business Success Summit, but more importantly I'm pumped that you're ready to invest in the growth of your business and build your dreams.

Over the last ten years I've built and scaled not one, but two multiple 6-figure businesses from the ground. I personally understand not only how difficult it is to get started growing a sustainable and profitable business but also juggling motherhood and everything in between #thejuggleisreal.

The Women in Business Success Summit is for you if you are a woman in business, an entrepreneur, a creative (or all three) and are looking to level up in your business, brand and life. This summit will give you the opportunity to learn directly from 50+ thought-leaders and voices who are bringing their A-game to help you grow your business.

The Summit is ultimately to give you the tools, resources and community you need to grow your business but at a price tag that won't break your bank account.

Even if just one session saves you time and money, it’s worth the investment. Every single one of these speakers has taught me something I have used in my business and they are here to help you with yours.

To your success,

Ready to get unstuck and gain the momentum you need to finish 2020 with a bang and make 2021 your best year ever?

Hell yes! Take my money!



Over the years, I've seen summit tickets for 50+ speakers start anywhere from $197 thought to $2,000. As my mission in business is to ensure that women in business have access to the tools, community and resources they need to grow sustainable and profitable business the cost of the summit ticket is $50. That works out to $1 per presentation. Click here to get your pass


No, this event is 100% virtual and not live. All sessions are pre-recorded and will become available to you on Wednesday October 28th, 2020 (Australia time, October 27th, 2020 rest of the world time). This means you can enjoy the summit from the comfort of your home, at the beach, from your office aka from any device, anywhere in the world. #pantsoptional ha ha.


How about all levels of awesomeness (yes, that's a word)! I've worked hard to bring together 50+ amazing women in business owners who are the top of their game to provide you with the education, clarity and tools you need to grow both in life and business.


There are so many amazing topics that will be presented at the summit such as but not limited to: launch strategy, sales strategy, financial strategy, leadership strategy, visibility strategy, mindset strategy and so much more.


100% HELL YES! One of the best parts of the summit is connecting with other amazing women in business and that's why you'll be able to join my active Facebook community and start connecting ASAP. By collaborating with other women in business, it is an opportunity to welcome and build new relationships. It truly is a win all around!


Another 100% HELL YES! Since each order is for a separate login and only valid for one person per IP address, you will need to place each order separately. But yes, you can absolutely order multiple tickets.


Having access to 50+ presentations could take some people a week to get through or a month to get through. And that's why you'll have 1 year to access everything.


My team and I are here to answer whatever questions you have in regards to the summit. Please feel free to email the team at support@angelahenderson.com.au

Need Assistance?

If you have any questions, submit them here and someone from our team will be in touch soon: