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Dreaming of transitioning from the corporate world? Got an idea but don’t know where to start?

I get it. I’ve seen this all too often. I’ve been here, too. Many of us have dreams, but we don’t allow ourselves to ‘flirt’ with them.

Will I earn enough?

Am I putting my family at risk?

Do I have the skills to make it work?

These are all natural thoughts. And although these are legitimate concerns to have, it’s just that little voice in your head. You can do this, with a bit of help. Dreams are just far-off thoughts, without action.

I’m here to help you make that dream of yours a reality.

There are things you can do to fast-track your visibility, credibility, find the right clients, and maximise growth. I know when I just started out, I wanted to be everything to everyone. But as my business grew, I discovered my ‘perfect’ client – people who would advocate for me.

I’ve developed my intense workshops to help you, whether you’re a newbie or have been running your business for years, but you’re ready for the next step. This could be anything from gaining more control in your business, increasing revenue, introducing new products or any other challenges you’re facing.

You’ve heard about those companies who start a business over a weekend? They work collaboratively in a short space of time to develop a product.

Think of this intense workshop as your personal, VIP incubator day. After it, you’ll have the confidence and clarity to push forward in your business, with me supporting you along the way.

From 9:00-4:00pm, we’ll go through everything, personal and professional. They go hand-in-hand. You’ll have me for the entire day, unpacking both the challenges and successes you’re experiencing.

My proven small business assessment will tell you what’s missing from your core foundation. Together, we’ll create a six-month strategy, your business blueprint. No two workshops are ever the same.

The investment is $4,500 + GST for a seven-hour mastermind session. Plus, two 60-minute follow up calls to keep you accountable. There’s no holding back with this. You’ll see a major shift in your business, just like many other business owners I’ve partnered with.

Get clarity, develop new ideas and accelerate growth with an intensive workshop. Best of all, we can achieve this in just one day.

This is the change you’re looking for. Don’t wait another day.

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