Why Businesses Need Social Media

Why Businesses Need Social Media with Nadine Rohner – Episode 5

    In this episode, I am joined by Nadine Rohner and we discuss why businesses need social media. Nadine is a social media strategist

Tips for sourcing products overseas

5 Tips For Sourcing Products Overseas

The first time I sourced products overseas for Finlee and Me, I remember it certainly was an experience I won’t soon forget.  That’s why I am

10 things to know before building an online course

10 Things You Need to Know Before Building Your Online Course

  One way to reach a larger audience with your service offering is to create an online course around your area of expertise. But before

Image of Jessica Gwynne

Why Hustling is Impacting Your Business and Health with Jessica Gwynne – Episode 4

    In this episode, I am joined by Jessica Gwynne as we talk about hustling and un-hustling in business. We also touch on how

free stock image sites

Top 10 Free Stock Image Sites for Businesses

  Writing and publishing content for your website is such an important part of having a successful business, but how do you find the time

The Number 1 Facebook Group Growth Hack – Episode 3

    In this episode, I talk about the need for and the benefits of a business Facebook page and group and how to add

What’s Your Effective Hourly Rate – Episode 2

      In this episode, we discuss the value of knowing our effective hourly rate in business so we can find ways to work

5 Ways to Grow Your Business – Episode 1

    In this episode, I discuss one of the most popular questions people ask me – how to grow your business. I’ll give you

Introduction - Show Layout - Angela Henderson

Introduction – Show Layout – Episode 0

    In this episode, I introduce myself and talk about my life, interests, family, businesses, and the challenges I’ve gone through to get to

storytelling in business

Storytelling in Business – A Strategic Must for all Businesses

  There are so many different strategies when it comes to content marketing but one that is often talked about much more than others is